Is the Quad countries’ COVID-19 vaccine aid to poor countries FREE?


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May 1, 2014
1. TOKYO -- The leaders of the "Quad" countries -- the U.S., Japan, India and Australia -- will meet online Friday for their first summit, signaling their commitment to cooperate in providing COVID-19 vaccines to developing countries....

The grouping of democracies will lay out a framework to provide Indian-made vaccines to Asian and African countries. The dialogue will also consider a plan to offer financial support from Japan, U.S. and Australia for the purchase of vaccines by developing countries.

The move comes as the Quad seeks to form a united front to counter China's "vaccine diplomacy." Japan has already announced that it will support the development of cold chains, such as refrigerators, freezers and transport, for the perishable vaccines....


2. If the Quad countries really want to help poor nations by “donating” vaccines to them, it is certainly good news to humanity. Just hope that their motive is really noble, not commercial, or making money out of poor nations. Is their so-called COVID-19 vaccine aid to poor countries FREE?

Using an analogy, a shop owner launched his own “free food diplomacy" after hurling the same accusation against his neighbour. Many beggars and homeless people flocked to the shop after hearing the "good" news. However, each of them was given a thumb-sized slice of cake, but was required to pay for the whole piece of cake.

It is questionable whether China engages in the so-called “vaccine diplomacy”. What's wrong if China really engages in “vaccine diplomacy"? In fact, it is good for world peace and prosperity if all countries could engage in "vaccine diplomacy" rather than "intimidation diplomacy. The more, the merrier. :)

Not only are the Quad countries welcome to engage in "vaccine diplomacy", they are welcome to engage in "money diplomacy" too if they are philanthropic enough to donate as much money as possible to poor countries. Similarly, it is good for a country if its millionaires and billionaires could narrow the wealth gap between their poor fellow countrymen by sharing or donating their wealth. How wonderful for the world if the super rich could engage in "money diplomacy" by standing on the roof of a skyscraper every week to "rain" large amount of money on the poor people below! o_O

The bid by the US and its allies to counter China's so-called "vaccine diplomacy" reminds me of a fairy tale. A traveller used to sleep on a tree in the forest every night during his long journey to a distant destination. Waking up one morning, he found four monkeys chattering under the tree. To his annoyance, they imitated every action he made. In order to teach them a lesson, he took out a stone-like plastic object from his bag and began hitting his head with it. As expected, the four monkeys imitated his “stupid” action. Each of them picked up a stone from the ground and began hitting the head with it. Well, you could guess the ending of the story. :LOL:
They have been developing for centuries so at some point people are going to have to admit that they are not capable of developing