President Obama's First Year Accomplishments

I have proved to my satisfaction that you prove nothing to your opponent's satisfaction.
Your satisfaction is worthless you won't believe anything that contradicts your bigotry

Over 60 Judges agree with me and that satisfies me
The list of fraud evidence that has never been refuted is quite long. Here is another report that has never been irrefutably debunked:

You reference doesn't have a unbiased view. It's republican based and here's the proof.
* Fraud & the 2020 Presidential Election

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What Happened in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, Biden’s margin of victory was approximately 20,682 votes.

Though it was well known that third-party candidates could affect Wisconsin elections in very significant ways, the Wisconsin Elections Commission wrongly kept the names of third-party presidential candidates like Kanye West and the Green Party’s Howie Hawkins off of the ballot.

At least 26,673 people used mail-in ballots to vote illegally in Wisconsin after they had moved out of the state.
How do they know they illegally voted if they don't know who they are!
It's purely an assumption with no evidence.

Try again please.
In the meantime we'll go ahead with putting Trump in jail for staging a insurrection and coup.
I hope they give him the death sentence.