preseident "POST TURTLE" , not PRESIDENT


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Aug 26, 2009
Please allow me to share this with you, I attended a rally for our 2010 elections and heard the following story.
Two very intelligent Conservatives , is there any other kind, were driving down a country road when one says ,"look there is a "Post Turtle"! , his friend , "What is a "post turtle?"I do not know what you are talking about.
"There"!, says his friend , see that turtle sitting on top of that post?"
We call it an "obama post turtle" , He does not know what he is doing , does not know how he got there, and certainly does not belong where he is!!
The HUGE CROWD ROARED with LAUGHTER!! I tell it everywhere I go now!!
presiedent Post Turtle!! lol,lol . maybe that is why he thinks so slowly!!
A" POST TURTLE on a PROMPTER " - MY God , What have we done???