Reagan - a RINO?

1) Yes he did make a lot of tax cut that it a fact but you claimed he cut spending. You shouldnt move the goal post you are liable to get called out on it.

2) So our response to them killing people is for us to go down there and kill more people? :confused: In what world does that make sense? Seriously they go kill people then we go down to kill those people. Then who will go down there to stop us from killing people?

3) I forgive you...

4) You either dont follow coversations very well or are being purposefully difficult. Whatever the case is figure it out Im not going to spoon feed everything to you.

5) Why should we be the superheroes and go running in guns blazing everytime something bad happens?

6) At least attempt to be civil.

when the trolls get beat down with facts, they don't have much more then insults and bob and weave tactics...your asking alot right now...