Rumsfield resigning


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Nov 3, 2006
What does everyone think about the fact that we had a resignation the day after the democrats took over the house?! I think it's fantastic.
Actually, from what I heard on FoxNews (which may be a little more "conservative" than most news media), the President and Rumsfield had discussed his resignation before the elections. Personally, I think he did an admirable job. Maybe having someone new in the position will be good, I don't know.
Wait...Rumsfeld doing an admirable job, or Bush?

If it's Rumsfeld, do tell. If you mean Bush, then also do tell- that'd be fascinating to hear. Really.

Also for the record- and not being snarky or as a means of discouragement: Given the "agenda" the FoxNews does not even bother covering up, I think you'd have a hard time finding anybody here giving it much credibility. Your description is a euphemism.

But I can certainly believe that Bush and Rumsfeld did discuss the resignation before the elections.
I was wondering this just yesterday. Some people seem to state that he resigned on his own accord. I think personally he was made to because of the election results. Should have been done before the elections if they wanted better results. Just my personal opionion though.
It's actually pretty well-known that Rummy offered his resignation to Dubya twice before, and both times he refused it.
It just seems like too big of a coincidence that it was the day after and the government is a little too smart for coincidence, don't you think?
I would be asking now: So what if it was linked? The way I see it, most likely Rumsfeld was trying to resign but Bush would have none of this (we do know this) and after elections come, Bush finally saw the light and Rumsfeld became the fall guy, thus killing two (or one-and-a-half) birds with one stone. In the face of a fairly significant loss, it was the smartest move to make.