Should everything be made from passport card?


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Jul 10, 2008
on 9/11 an airliner crashed into each of the twin towers producing enough heat and unleashing enough kinetic energt to vapourise these steel-cored buildings leaving just powder behind.

Everything was destroyed.

Except a Muslim's passport which landed (conveniently some might say) on top of the rubble in good condition.

Now isn't that fantastic?

So, I think everything should be made from passport card. It is cheap, flexible and can withstand temperatures that can melt steel and the impact of a fully laden airliner hitting a building at 300 miles per hour.
Oh dear Genital Senilty, did I touch a nerve?

I bet you have been down to your local bar telling everyone how those muslims brought the towers down cos they found a passport of one of the terrorists on the rubble.

You did didn't you?

Between recitals of duelling bajos you were impressing everyone weren't you?

But you just didn't thik it through did you?

And now you feel like a jerk because it is soooooo obvious that a passport could not survive if your story is right about how the towers came down.

Which is it banjo boy?

Did planes bring them down OR were they blown up and a passport planted on top to get hicks like you wanting to kick muslim ass.

Squeal piggy.
Like I said, you don't bother actually finding out anything... you just spew nonsense.

Whats in it for you anyway? What do you stand to gain by "exposing" 9/11 as an "inside job"?

your a coward, a liar and have nothing intelligent to say. GFY.

Just explain how a passport survives a conflagration that evaporates a tower block designed to withstand the impact.

You can't

Squeal like a howg
Ok so now you are denying this?

Well that is a start because the passport of a 'muslim terrorist' did not really survive the fire.

Well done.

Next you might agree that it is a bit odd that the towers were vapourised but the pentagon had a bit of wall knocked down

Banjo time
You were the ONLY PERSON claiming a passport survived the fire...

Since you cannot back your false claims with proof or evidence of anykind, you now relent and admit that it never really happened.

Bit late in the day for that tactic SFB

Google it and read until your hearts content.

What about the car found at the airport that was hired by one of the muslims and had the flight manuals in??

How convenient.

Wouldn't they need the manuals to fly the plane?

Of course they wouldn't.

The CIA would need them as 'proof'.

Ho ho ho.

A country of simpletons run by a simpleton.
That is the point, if they don't need them why would they leave them conveniently in a car that they 'parked' at the airport.

Re your second point 'why do I care'? That sums you.

You don't care what abuse your country heaps on the world.

Well one day you will.