Tabloids in the UK


Nov 3, 2006
Wasn't quite sure where to put this, but I thought this category suited best.

In the UK, there are a number of very popular tabloid newspapers. The writing style is easy to read, and if only they reported factual news then they'd be a great way for the masses to access current affairs. However, the front pages of these publications often contain headlines that should clearly be somewhere in the middle of a newspaper under the heading "opinion".

Two of these publications are particularly appauling. These are the Daily Mail and the Daily Express. The Express is frequently obsessed with the royal family, and almost every Monday without fail prints a story about Princess Diana (did anybody notice she died nearly 10 years ago?). This is the Express headline from yesterday - as you can see, they also like to slag off Camilla and Muslims when they get a chance.

It's beyond me how they get away with printing this rubbish under the pretence that it is serious journalism. (Unbelievably the day before their main headline was about how cold it would be this winter.)
The Mail is also known as the Daily Hate (think 1984), as nearly every day without fail it tells you what you should be hating today. Their favourite topics of discussion are: gypsies, Muslims, CCTV or any other kind of monitoring of our lives, the Labour Party, taxes, and the new "miracle cure for cancer" (about one per month) which the NHS won't give for free because the science backing it up is distinctly dodgy. Here is an example of the sort of rubbish they get away with presenting as fact:

I haven't been able to find any such story in any non-tabloid newspapers. I don't know where they got their information from, but it seems that the headline is completely false!

I really think something needs to be done to regulate all UK newspapers and ensure that what they print is, well, true, because they shouldn't be allowed to get away with presenting this rubbish to people as fact.

(For more examples of headlines, see
The states are obsessed with celebrities. You cant view the CNN website without reading about Britney spears new baby's name or something as stupid as that as well. At this point i dont know if they are feeding us that crap because they think we want it or they are just paid to write it. WE have completely lost the way.

I think its the culture, i read recently that SUV sales are up after the gas prices went down for a brief period. Like they wont go back up again? Who are the morons buying SUV's after all the grief we went though recently? We need to change our fuel source for the benefit of the planet and we need to wake up! I guess these people are the ones watching the royals and celebrities :( . I really feel the media needs to stop spoon feeding us every indulgence and start educating the masses.
At the end of the day the tabloids are getting away with it because alot of uk resident buy the paper and believe what is written.
Some people are just so naive when it comes to the press and storys released about various celebrities.
And the journalist's will continue to write about crap,so long as were buying it.:twocents:
I've been hearing alot about the tabloids in the UK lately, thanks to thing things Sir Paul McCartney has been forced to go through in the public eye. I belong to a mailing list that has been tracking what the tabloids say, and we all find that the story begins changing very quickly. Everything is according to some "source" who is never named. Perhaps some view these articles as easy to read, but the number of grammatical errors we find in them is atrocious! Not only can they get their facts straight, they can't proofread either.
Tabloids are the most blatant and prevalent [pop culture, mainsteamism also] form of anti-intellectualism I can conjure up at the moment. If Hollywood and all the major movie studios were to fall off the face of the Earth tomorrow, I'd shed not a nano-second caring.