The Grand Oil Party


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Sep 3, 2007
Washington state
Check out this new ad scheduled to run across the country in 13 Congressional districts currently held by Republicans. This particular one is scripted for Robin Hayes of NC.

Wow, talk about LOW BUDGET adds... I could do a better Bush impression than that guy.

OK, so the complaint centered around 3 main themes:

1. Price of Gas: Something the Democrats openly admit they will do NOTHING to lower and actually want the price to skyrocket even farther.

You evil drivers are killing our planet, parading around with the freedom afforded to you by a personal vehicle.... Should be ashamed of yourself! You need to live as Al Gore says you should live and not stop living like Al Gore does.

Nancy Pelosi said Democrats have been trying since 2006 to bring down the price of oil... they keep doing the only thing they know how - TAX, TAX, TAX - and for some strange reason, the price keeps rising instead of falling.

2. Oil Company Profits: Which pale in comparison to the taxes collected on the sale of the same product.... Also preys on the ignorance and anger of the incredibly misinformed public. Its too bad Democrats HATE Capitalism, they prosper so much by it.

3. Tax Breaks to Big Oil: This is just laughable. Any "breaks" they got were quickly eliminated when Democrats took over Congress and began raising taxes on oil companies to record levels.

Its VERY important to note that they show Bush with some Arab Oil Baron... Appealing to the RACIST in all the Democrat voters. I thought Exxon was the Enemy? Democrats have declared war on AMERICAN oil companies - FOREIGN oil companies cannot be touched by Congress!

Had the public schools not been destroyed - filling our nation with SAS Morons - Democrats would be laughed off the political stage.
Let's see who "Big Oil" really is - who owns the companies?


Oh, gosh golly gee :D

Turns out it's the zillions of workers who have IRAs, normal people with investments, and your grandpa's union pension fund. My guess is that this would include few Obamabots, except the puerile college students going to school via pop's oil investments. ;)