The Machine of Servitude: A Change in the Workforce


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May 30, 2007
If one can not single handedly combat tyranny he must join to a political association in order to come together and fight the power of despotism. Desire for equality and brotherhood tend to increase while under what appears to be regal power, for people come together over the mutual hatred of the despot. How then, can society learn to practice this concept of brotherhood without a superior force? The only way to have equality without unjust ranking is to have a government in which pays us to do nothing except use our minds, on our own time. Therefore, the machine will become our servant, and we will become the equal superiors.

We must inculcate the concept of the brotherhood into all beings so that when tyranny is overcome, brotherhood will remain. As political associations grow, those who exercise power will become servants to the people. Whether or not they enjoy this servitude is beside the point, for people in a position of power must only practice altruism, or else, towns will succumb to dissention.

The dangers of equality, which may include a lack of individuality, will not occur, for people will be paid to use their mind. Work will remain mostly an at home task so that people don't encounter the stratification that is present in the business world, and in turn, global warming will be remedied. Those who get paid more than others will not affect anyone for it will not mean they are above anyone else, it will merely mean that they put in more effort. Equality will be met, for everyone will be giving equal chance to progress based on the amount of work that they put in. Plus, without the work force atmosphere, people will not feel as though they are servants to their boss, rather their bosses are servants to them, as those who exercise power will be servants to the employee's, paying them based on the amount of work they put in. Flexibility will be increased as one will not be forced to go to work, with his job put in jeopardy, rather it will be his decision when he desires to put in work, thus stress will be alleviated as well.

This ideal state of the real world will foster individuality, as people will not be forced to assimilate to the injustices of the capitalist world. In a democracy, people are not tied together as they are in an aristocracy. Therefore, people must unite and form political associations to achieve this common goal to which a single individual is powerless in achieving, as if individuals have no power then political associations are essential. Without them, barbarism would occur for people would have no means to making change, and thus they would resort to physical force.

In such a world, where people work at home, those who work the most would be giving the most privileges and money. Ultimately, these would be the ones who would be brought together, and if so they desire to they would be giving the opportunity to form the most powerful political assemblage that would exist in a world. Therefore, those in power would be chosen based on the amount of work that they exert at home, thus creating an aristocracy-like government separate from the democracy where in which the members of the aristocracy would be those who work the most. These members would be giving the choice to assemble and become servants to the people. In addition, they will be giving the privilege to deal with foreign affairs. This change in the way people rise to power will result in a government where only the most deserving get to be members. This would also inspire people to work harder if they share the ambition of becoming servants to the people and the opportunity to deal with foreign affairs. Those who don't work, will not be looked down upon, rather they will be viewed as equals, where their only difference will be the amount that they are paid, to which will not be discussed. Those who don’t work will be giving the essentials to survive, so that they can, if so they desire, remain happy in their town, which as a result of the change in the workforce, will unite.

The workforce of politics, where democracy will be discussed, will have levels to which the servants will create. Each level will be giving times to congregate and discuss the work, in which all will have access to. Those who initially administer the levels will be voted on. Every two years, the administrators for each of the levels will change hands to the next aspirants who successfully progressed throughout the levels. The new administrators, who progressed throughout all the levels, will be chosen by those who rank the highest, as after one makes it through all the levels, he will be giving a ranking to which the most qualified members, those who comprise the aristocracy separate from the administrators, will decide upon. This aristocracy will change every five years and include fifteen members. To be promoted to the next level, one will be required to write a paper. The paper will be rated by those chosen to administer the level. To prevent favoritism and difficulty in progressing through the levels, papers will be giving to each level administrator. There will be five administrators assigned to each level, for each town. Those who progress throughout the levels of the town will then be working under the auspices of the state, to which each state will include ten administrators for each level. If one progresses throughout the state levels, he will be giving a chance to become part of the real government, which will remain the same. There will be twenty administrators for the government levels, assigned to each level. In order to successfully pass through a level one must receive a “b” average. This will give all people the opportunity to become part of their government. The town will include seven levels. The state will include fourteen levels. The government will include twenty one levels. I believe, with such an expanded, yet complex, system of government, people will feel more meaningful and important. This will also result in a more experienced government.

I realize this political plan will not be tried in the real world; however, work at home is growing increasingly important, therefore we must consider more at home jobs. If one wants to be a politician he should be allowed to do so, and get paid for it. Regardless of his influence, if he really puts in work, he should get paid to do so. All genres of work should include an at home way of working, to which the machine is servant to man, paying him based upon his work. We are approaching a time when driving needs to be limited as much as possible. If we work together, we can create a type of at home job for each genre of work, from politics to writing. If people were paid for writing at home, it may inspire good writers. And if everyone has access to these writings, our nations will come together, as we will get to know each other. We will be able to know what every wants and desires… The nation will unite, be inspired, drive less, and ultimately be happier…
You get wise, you get to church.

Pretty bold statement. Personally I think its a nonsense statement anyway. Going to church doesnt give you any more common sense, it just teaches you how to get to the afterlife (if you believe that) and apparently how to care for your fellow man.

Pretty bold statement. Personally I think its a nonsense statement anyway. Going to church doesnt give you any more common sense, it just teaches you how to get to the afterlife (if you believe that) and apparently how to care for your fellow man.

Shows how much you understand about anything.

Going to church doesnt give you any more common sense

Now THAT'S a bold statement.
Why do you go to church? Because you want to pray for loved ones and problems in the world, and hear readings from the Bible so you can understand God better and get into heaven. You go there to please God and set your mind at rest possibly by going to the confession box.

I've never heard anyone go to church and come out a cleverer person, especially politically, there is a differnece between being clever and 'enlightened'.