The November Criminals: Germans, Persians, Russians, Zionists, and The Subversio

Jeffrey Neuzil

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Nov 30, 2007
In a previous post, I suggested that it was very difficult to define Neo-conservatism; in this post, I am going to take a stab at it—thus, in a manner of speaking, unsheathing, by revealing, America's or rather, Zarathustra's great noon—America's Day of the Long Knives: November 22, 1963.
Neo-conservatism has its foundation in a group of intellectuals who were essentially far leftists, some even Lenninist-Stalinist in character; however, since America has a tradition of conservatism and anti-communism, this group of intellectuals realized that they could better wield influence in the country by making a conversion to the right, thus proclaiming their religious, conservative bona fides, under the cloak of their left Hegelian, Marxian, and, finally, Nietzscean sympathies:— As Allan Bloom argued in his best selling book "The Closing of the American Mind," which ominously foreshadows the end of the American Liberal Constitutional Democracy, the left was "Nietscheanized," and the right was already Nietzschean—thus the political spectrum today is very narrow, not to say narrow-minded, and, thanks to the Nietzschean-Heideggerian "Cunning of Reason," the entire structure of American governance has been handed over, without a fight, to the intellectuals of the university who have been pouring poison into the culture now for decades, through the University of Chicago's Frankensteinian creation of "public administration," which is only a euphemism for supplanting all of the vital functions of responsible governance—the things that Statesman used to do before the November Criminals gunned them down in the streets of America in the 1960s— with a conveyor belt that feeds the trash that's poisoning our culture directly to government—thus allowing our more than well paid representatives to sit on their fat spoiled asses and do nothing except collect their fat paychecks and vote themselves raises and benefits which far exceed what they should receive, since they stopped governing in a substantive manner when they either realized they no longer had to or when they cowered in the face of the revolutionary forces that co-opted the regime in the 1960s!
This is a disgrace. And it has now reached exactly the point that was calculatedly planned by these revolutionaries, and soon they are going to try to wholesale—as Dr. Strauss said, in a collective stroke—take the regime, and subvert the constitution: If you doubt this read carefully Leo Strauss' "On Tyranny," and especially Alexander Kojeve's "Tyranny and Wisdom" essay in that work which bears the ominous 48 pages that represent the article of the Wiemer Constitution which proved to be the weakness in that constitution which allowed Hitler to subvert the regime, and transmogrify it from a constitutional regime into a full-fledged tyranny;—
Strauss' 38 pages ring with significance, declaring at once the disputed parallel—that which we live on here in my hometown of Rockford illinois, where for decades the University of Chicago has been enlisting in its service members of the AMA to breed its master race of Nietzscheans—of the Korean war, the date on which significant acts of appeasement took place in England, thereby making war inevitable with Germany, and the combined number of pages of the introduction and epilogue to Strauss' "Socrates and Aristophanes," whose 11 pages are, significantly, the number of dimensions in some versions of "String theory," not unconnected with which is Strauss' Socrates' fascination with "Clouds," such as those which exploded into view in the New Mexico desert under the tutalege of the University of Chicago—home of the November "pale" Criminals (see "Thus Spake Zarathustra" and its ominous signaling of John F. Kennedy's death in its chapter "Of 1001 Goals,"—which, I submit, commenced implimentation one day after John F. Kenmnedy's 1000 day presidency!