Tilting at Windmills: Consolidation of Media, The Subversion of Polling Process

Jeffrey Neuzil

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Nov 30, 2007
The anti-democratic, more particularly, anti-liberal forces that pervade the regime today have multiple foci—but they are distinct and identifiable elements—like Euclid's Geometry (Chief Executive Lincoln would carry a copy of the "Elements" of Euclid in his pocket and work with them in his "half-free half-slave time—not unrelated to Leo Strauss' earliest (and one of my favourites) works, "The Political Philosophy of Hobbes: Its Basis and its Genesis (Cf. Xenophon's "Anabasis" and Strauss' comentary—but much more than commentaary—on Biblical Genesis to the Platonic "Monogenesis" of Plato's "Timaeus," that is the One Father of the cosmos—that being who spawned the cosmos, forged it out of pre-existent matter and gave it form;in Nietzsche this is related to the metaphor—which is more than a metaphor—of sculpting worlds (see Heidegger will-to-power as art and Strauss' "Persecution and the Art of Writing" J. Derrida "Of ("fundamental ontology," Heidegger again: Master and posessor of "Being and Time"; this is meant in a quite literal sense that is overlooked by many!—he means space and time: the visible cosmos which has been fathered by Nietzsche- inspired demi-gods) Grammatology" Hobbes subtitle to his masterly "Leviathan" is of no small importance: of the matter form and power of a commonwealth ecclesiastical and civil; Hobbes/Strauss say that money is the blood of the commonweralth, and it is often the "Blood-money" of it too: November 22, 1963, when chief executive Kennedy came face-to face (in a quite literal way) with a bold tyranny, which "surpassed the boldest imagination of the classics" (see Einstein's theories of Relativity, Carnap's "Aufbau" "Logical Syntax of Language" the Vienna Circle (warmed and charmed: see Strauss "An Epilogue"—to the administration of JFK (publisned before the fact, note well: How can that be? Einstein Holds the key!—David Hilbert's program fulfilled built into the structure of nature; see University of Chicago: Nietzschean World Dominion—the central vector of Nietzschean/Straussian politics: it has an economic, biological, and cosmological component: No Exit, Sartre).
Now to my main point: the consolidation of media in the hands of a few, together with the uniform computerization of voting procedures, will consolidate a complete victory over liberal democracy in the hands of an oligarchic elite, already substantially in control, but spoiling for a civil war. media concentration has no other goal than the creation of unifromity of thought, a weakening of the power of exchanging substantive or rational discourse in society: A debilitating of collective democratic action to counter tyranny: What Meister Neitzsche said was the pre-condition to modern tyranny, the mollification and pacification of the masses: Bread and Circus.
I would like to see the country elect a woman and/or a Black candidate for president, but that candidate might face the same obstacles that Kennedy did in 1963 or Malcolm X did in 1965—but now 2011: the forces of resistance to such progressivism are strong—and past reproaches of it, as I have argued, have their identifiable sources; its a brave new world—but America must face—face-to-face—even these daunting challanges: This too shall come to pass, but only with effort and intelligence—supreme effort, supreme intelligence—nothing less will save the nation from ruinous conflict.
participating through voting is not criminal, but ineffective due to limitations

Our options in the present system are severely constrained by several factors, mostly, the degree to which we are given a narrow set of options about what to vote for; but this points to the need for major reform—structural changes that would be quite radical, the kinds of things that Ralph Nader advocates, but others too: Campaign reform, lobbying stranglehold, etc, etc: These would be good starting points but only starting points.