The Secrets of Dark Energy


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May 2, 2007
makes up 2/3's of the Universe it could be entryways into another galaxy

but even then it won't matter fact is GOD created the universe
probably because it isnt that important?

It can be helpful. It took me a while before I could make sense of everything you were writing, Roker, but I think I've got the hang of it now.

As for Lupis, well...the words "lost cause" come to mind. Do you know what he's trying to say here?
you know NOT EVERYONE in the world has the level of Education many of you SEEM to require of them in order to post theyre thoughts.....There are actually many people who either never finished school or perhaps failed english miserably

that does not make theyre opinions or thoughts any less valid? It seem that many of you stoop to this lvel of arrogance whn your at a loss for anything else? it is the "Easy" button from the TV commercials at this point VYO476 is the ONLY one here who has acknowledged this

there are so so many of us in the 45-55 age group who are
well rounded Intelligent individuals who lack in Grammatical skillsets as During OUR formative years the focus was NOT what it is today

many of us wen to work to help family or whatever the case back in those days one could actually leave school and make a decent living eventually........typing grammar, computer skills NONE OF THIS mattered in our day

It is sad to see so many feel that they are somehow far and above others because they know good grammar myself for instance my grammar is the worst on this board yet i sport a 146 IQ???

go figure generally the more creative the mind the less semantics like grammar really seem to matter
While communication is certainly a natural part of our existence, the various conventions of the English language are definitely human inventions and therefore superfluous to an examination of a person's intelligence. One of the biggest issues I had with my pubic school education was its emphasis on quantity over quality; I consistently scored lower than the people who could memorize more of the times table or who could recite the dates of every individual battle of the Revolutionary War or who could, per the opinion above, correct the grammar, spelling, or structure of every sentence I wrote - totally irregardless of the quality of the content of those sentences. The only positive I took from the experience was that greater adherence to the standards of English communication increase the chances that those who are listening will understand, but that was the only positive. So long as the point comes across commas, periods, and colons aren't terribly important.

The only reason I ever comment on people's grammar or spelling or structure is because I'm, personally, having a hard time understanding whatever is being written and I wish to have it clarified. While I respect eloquence, I don't believe that those who do not practice precise English are somehow less intelligent.