Unbiased media?


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Nov 5, 2007
I heard this on the radio and I couldn't believe it. Read this article from an Associated Press writer about Hillary Clinton's handling of the hostage situation at one of her campaign offices. How many not-exactly-objective statements can you spot? I stopped counting at 10.

This article is shameless. I'm not saying that because of any political affiliation. That doesn't matter right now. This article is shameless. If I were a Clinton supporter I would cringe at this because of the fuel it would give for people who say the media is biased in her favor. It's like taking alleged bias from CNN (or, as the right calls it, the "Clinton News Network") and putting it in writing.
honestly and unfortunately in todays world it is hard to get unbaised news anymore there always seems to be a spin or slant.
True, but they at least try to make it look unbiased. This article sounds like an open love letter to Hillary.