Unrealisted Animals Myths


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Jun 13, 2007
Way Down South
Now theres no such thing as the loch ness monster, Big Foot or even dragons. Do we all agree those such animals as Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot or even Dragons dont exist?
Who knows? Maybe space is an illusion created by the turtle which supports the flat earth upon its back and nessy has tea with sasquach laughing at reruns of sightings they catch on pirated direct tv satellite. If you say they don't exist simply due to lack of physical evidence, then you can't claim to believe in god. In fact there is no video tape of god, so even less (even if a bit questionable) evidence exists.

Your typical arguments always seem a bit humorous in a strange sense, so I can't wait to hear your ideas on this.
Good post Robeph, I am one who is a skeptic on such issues. I dont believe in ghosts, god, Bigfoot, or Nessie etc. But I did here an interesting bit of folklore from near my home. Lake Iliamna which is the biggest lake in Alaska, about the size of LK Erie. There is reputed to be a lake monster. But according to local story, it is attracted to the color red. So when someone buys a Lund Boat, which usually have a red hull, on arrival the proud new owner, flips it over and paints it a different color.