US House of Representatives and Elections


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Feb 27, 2008
The United States House of Representatives is one of the two houses of the bicameral congress. The House of Representatives comprises of 435 seats. Each state is represented in the House of Representatives proportional to its population. The populous state of California has as much as 53 candidates. The only constitutional rule relating to the size of the House says "The Number of Representatives shall not exceed one for every thirty Thousand.” Congress has regularly increased the size of the House to account for population growth but Congress fixed the size of the House at 435 seats in 1911.The size was temporarily increased to 437 in 1959 upon the admission of Alaska and Hawaii (seating 1 representative from each of those states without changing existing apportionment) and returned to 435 four years later, after the reapportionment consequent to the 1960 census.

The size of the United States House of Representatives refers to the number of members of the lower house of the United States Congress. The ideal number of members has been a contentious issue since the country's founding. George Washington objected to the original number of Representatives proposed at the Constitutional Convention as being too small.
United States House of Representatives is again on its way to election, in which all its 435 members will be standing for election. The members selected will be forming the 111th US Congress. Some of the notable races going for election include Alaska, Louisiana, Texas, Illinois. Among the important races is that of Texas 22nd Congressional District, which witnessed the handing over of leadership from a republican to a democrat. This year the constituency has some of the known names contesting for election. This includes former Sugar Land mayor Dean Hrbacek , former Pasadena mayor John Manlove, former John Cornyn Chief of Staff Pete Olson, Family District Judge Jim Squier, State Representative Bob Talton, and NASA contractor Ryan Rowley.
I take it you're supporting Mr. Hrbacek, since he's the only one you linked to?

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