Wei Liu: Awakening People 4—To Tell the Truth to Counter the Dictator

Wei Liu

Sep 7, 2007
Wei Liu: Awakening People 4—To Tell the Truth to Counter the Dictator

September 7, 2007

You may wonder why the dictators in the world can stay in power. Besides their armed forces, they keep using their media to cheat the people. For example, the Chinese Communist regime spend billions of U. S. dollars every year on its writers, newspapers, TV stations, radio stations, telling Chinese people that the Communist regime or the Communist Party is good and America is bad, blocking the essays for democracy, which has fooled many people.

Therefore we need to distribute the democratic information, telling the truth to disenchant those people cheated by the dictators. Why does America keep feeling a hard time in those combat areas? Because without the distribution of democratic information, the local people only hear the sound of gunshot. This is easily to be used by the dictator to say American just go there to kill people, labeling American as criminals. By which the dictator can get thousands of local people picking up the rifle against American soldiers out there. That was the scenario of Vietnam. Right now the Chinese Communist media are saying that American goes to Iraq, killing more and more Iraqi people, possibly wiping out the race, which have already cheated many Chinese. As the biggest dictator in the world, it always supports the comparatively small dictators.

(Several more English essays of me in democratizing China are in my blog http://www.boxun.com/hero/flake/ . At the end of the page, you click the Chinese sign right below the text, and then it will go to the next page. Also, the common Chinese people like me can come to this forum, and the Chinese communists can come here too. )

What we need is a team of democratic writers, radio stations, TV stations, magazines, newspapers, flyers in Chinese to counter it. This is to tell the truth to counter the lie of the dictator. Through which, we can get far more friends and far fewer enemies.