Wei Liu: Awakening People 1— We Got to Remove the Chinese Communist Regime

Wei Liu

Sep 7, 2007
Wei Liu: Awakening People 1— We Got to Remove the Chinese Communist Regime

September 5, 2007

Nowadays the Chinese Communist regime is hurting Chinese people and American people the most.

In politics, as the biggest dictator in the world, the Chinese communist regime supports other dictators all over the world, like in North Korea, in the mid-east, in Sudan and in Cuba, who are against America.

In economy, the communist regime uses its army and police to deprive Chinese people of all the natural resources, like the land and the minerals, forcing Chinese people work in those factories controlled by it in poor condition and scanty pay. The workers just get 700 yuan a month, like 90 U. S. dollars a month, and the income of the peasants is one third of it. The 1.3 billion Chinese common people cannot solve the basic life needs like housing, medical care at all, while those communist officials get millions of money. Simply speaking, by robbing Chinese people by force and paying no attention to the environment, the communist regime dumps large amount of merchandise into America.

In environment, by consuming 30% of the world energy every year in the recent two years, the communist regime tipped the balance of the world climate. Today September 5, 2007, the temperature across Minnesota is 92 degrees, while in this time of 2001, it already snowed. As the present situation continues, in several decades to a hundred years, New York, London, and other coastal area in the world will be submerged as the sea rises. Maybe after a few years, there won’t be any snow in Washington, DC. The communist regime will say they have taken measures to deal with the problem, like imposing the tax on merchandise consuming energy recently. But without it forcing Chinese people to work in those factories by taking away their natural resources, there won’t be the problem of global warming at all.

As we see, the Chinese communist regime brings more harm to America than the former Soviet Union, because the previous Soviet Union just makes trouble in politics, not in economy or in environment. Is there anything inside America that brings as much harm as the Chinese communist regime does to us? No. Is there anything else outside America like that? No. Clearly, now the biggest problem facing America is the Chinese communist regime.

Will that communist regime change to good or listen to anybody? No, the past 58 years shows it will not. And as it robs people of more wealth, it brings more harm to the world, like it just tipped the balance of the global climate.

Many Americans talk about China when they actually refer to the Chinese Communist regime consisting of several dictators. but in fact China is disintegrated, with the Communist bureau directors less than 0.1% of the population that grabs people’s land bestowed by God for people to live, deciding people’s pay and expenses/prices, actually collecting over 80% of people’s income for tax being one side, and the common Chinese people more than 99% of the population being robbed, having about 50 U. S. dollars a month on average, unable to solve the basic life needs like housing, education and medical care on the other side. Clearly, the two sides are opposite.

Evidently, the Chinese Communist regime is hurting Chinese people and America people the most. It got to be removed. With over 99% of Chinese population that should be on the democratic side, it is possible to remove those dictators.

(Several more English essays of me in democratizing China are in my blog http://www.boxun.com/hero/flake/ . At the end of the page, you click the Chinese sign right below the text, and then it will go to the next page. )

Now many political leaders in the democratic countries say that the global warming is serious, which is like someone saying he got a headache, feeling miserable, but that cannot solve the problem. They expect those dictators to agree with them to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide, which cannot happen. We got to have an approach to solve the problem of global warming, and to remove the Chinese Communist regime that caused the global warming is the approach. When it is removed, every one of the 1.3 billion Chinese people in China has a portion of land bestow by God for them to live, and they don’t have to work in those factories to make a living. Then the global warming will no longer exist.

At present, what we can do is to spread the information above to Americans, to Chinese, and people around the world, calling them to contribute to remove the Chinese Communist regime. For the 1.3 billion Chinese people, they should have the highest zeal for the epic journey for they can get back their wealth including the portion of land grabbed by that regime.