Alleged international persecution of Taiwan nationals by China via deportations and extraditions


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May 1, 2014
1. Today, 2021-11-30, Safeguard Defenders releases its latest investigation, China's Hunt for Taiwanese Overseas, which is the first brief report of its kind to document hundreds of cases of the People's Republic of China's (PRC's) international harassment campaign against Taiwanese nationals via deportations and extraditions. It presents the fullest picture to date of this alarming trend. This international persecution of Taiwan nationals amounts to an assault on Taiwanese sovereignty, and is part of the larger global campaign under Xi Jinping to exploit extradition treaties, mutual law enforcement agreements, and other multilateral institutions for the Chinese Communist Party's political objectives.

Safeguard Defenders has documented over 600 cases between 2016 and 2019 of Taiwan nationals abroad who have been extradited or deported from countries across Asia, Africa, and Europe. However, they have not been returned to Taiwan. Under increasing pressure from Beijing, foreign governments are instead forcibly sending them to the PRC, where they have no roots and no families. These forcible transfers are also often taking place following the denial of access to Taiwanese consular support or communication in the sending country, and sometimes followed by ongoing denial of contact with Taiwanese officials or family members once they are in the PRC....

The extradition of Taiwanese nationals to the PRC under pressure from Beijing should very much be seen as a violation of their human right to a fair trial, and their right to be free from torture. The international community should take immediate steps to halt this practice.


2. BEIJING/TAIPEI (Reuters) - China is battling an explosion of telecoms fraud that has cost billions of dollars in financial losses and driven some victims to suicide, according to authorities in Beijing who say criminal gangs based in rival Taiwan are behind many of the scams.

Chinese state media has blamed weak punishments in the self-ruled island, and reported that Chinese-speaking fraudsters recruited in Taiwan were increasingly setting up operations in East Africa or Southeast Asia....

Scammers have also been know to fake arrests or abductions of family members, or to try to convince victims that money was needed in legal disputes involving relatives....

Chinese authorities registered 590,000 telecoms fraud cases in 2015, according to Public Security Ministry statistics cited by state media, up from about 100,000 in 2011, leading to losses of 22.2 billion yuan ($3.4 billion).

On average, more than 10 billion yuan ($1.5 billion) is swindled out of the mainland to Taiwan by telephone scammers every year, the official Xinhua news agency has reported.

Since 2011, Taiwan and the mainland have cooperated in investigating telecoms fraud in Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines and other countries, arresting more than 7,700 suspects, including 4,600 from Taiwan, Xinhua said....


3. .....Safeguard Defenders plays its part in creating an image of civil society standing up to the Chinese state. However, this is an illusion as all organizations need funding. This gives an inordinate amount of power to those who possess capital which happens to be business and governments.

The financing of Safeguard Defenders is not apparent but in its previous incarnation as the Chinese Urgent Action Working Group (CUAWG) it received funds from the EU and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) which is an organization set up to fund groups conducive to Washington's regime change priorities. The fact that Safeguard Defenders is primarily focused on China and Vietnam also fits in with the regime change priorities of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation (VCMF).

Peter Dahlin, the head of CUAWG and Safeguard Defenders, has previously been deported for running illegal non-registered law operations in China, which helped to train lawyers on human rights issues. However, this organization was found to be using $1.5 million of overseas funds to turn limited disputes over matters like land rights into building an opposition to bring down the state.

Dahlin's recently penned article about Chinese leadership "incompetence" and China's "nightmare world vision" further shows him as someone with an outright anti-China agenda. Incompetence when looking at China's spectacular development, its actions against COVID-19, and its poverty alleviation is clearly not a suitable noun. Similarly, China's vision for the world as one of multipolarity and global development, which leads to greater global democracy, raises global living standards, and precludes hegemonic invasions based on spurious human rights claims, is certainly not nightmarish....

The fundamental problem with Safeguard Defenders is this: In China, as with any country, there are grievances, injustices, and human rights can always be improved. However, to use these problems, backed by foreign capital, for the purpose of bringing down China amounts to Western imperialism disguised as charity.

This sort of "well-meaning charity" has killed millions of Muslims in the U.S. war against terror. This Western "help" has led to communist states like Cuba being cut off from world trade and Vietnam being mercilessly invaded. In contrast, a "repressive" state like China has lifted millions of people out of poverty, and its "nightmare world vision" is to raise up the rest of the global south too.

Unfortunately, this vision is one that contradicts Western elites and their government-funded "NGO's" order of eternal uneven development. Here the global south will always need a "Western NGO savior" to focus global systemic injustices back onto the governments and people that seek true global justice. Thus, Safeguard Defenders' complaint attempts to silence a member of the global south who dares challenge the Western NGO set narrative.


4. It would be praiseworthy if the so-called China Action was founded in Beijing ONLY by Chinese lawyers and intellectuals who were as patriotic as Lu Xun (鲁迅) and Li Bai (李白). Just imagine if a similar NGO was founded in the US and Sweden by Chinese nationals. It would certainly be looked with suspicion and clamped down in a matter of time.

It is noteworthy that the foundation for the so-called Safeguard Defenders was laid in 2016 and was publicly launched in 2017 after the election of the self-declared "Messiah" "huge mushroom head" ex-president.

Readers should be able to notice the half-truths in the cunningly crafted article which claims that China is conducting an "international harassment campaign against Taiwanese nationals via deportations and extraditions". It says: "This international persecution of Taiwan nationals amounts to an assault on Taiwanese sovereignty, and is part of the larger global campaign under Xi Jinping to exploit extradition treaties, mutual law enforcement agreements, and other multilateral institutions for the Chinese Communist Party’s political objectives.”

The article does not tell the full story of the Taiwanese telephone scammers operating in Taiwan, the Chinese mainland, Southeast Asia, Africa and elsewhere. Instead, it gives the false impression that China is trying to arrest all INNOCENT Taiwanese worldwide as "Alien Enemies" due to tension across the Taiwan Strait. It is reminiscent of the mass incarceration of thousands of Americans of Japanese, German and Italian origins in US camps when their ancestral countries were at war with the US. :)

The article does not mention that "more than 10 billion yuan ($1.5 billion) is swindled out of the mainland to Taiwan by telephone scammers every year". Neither does it tell the harrowing tales of the victims of such scams.

The People’s Daily website reported one case in January in which a man from the central province of Henan who transferred 10,000 yuan ($1,500) to fraudsters hanged himself outside of a branch of the Agricultural Bank of China after the bank and police were unable to help him recover his money. He had been convinced to invest in a fake business by Taiwanese scammers.

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