Wei Liu: Awakening People 2—China Consists of Two Opposed Sides

Wei Liu

Sep 7, 2007
Wei Liu: Awakening People 2—China Consists of Two Opposed Sides

September 6, 2007

It is in fact alloying for us common Chinese people to see some Americans call China when they actually refer to the Chinese Communist regime that robs us. That regime has not gotten any consent from us people, for from the president of the country to a community officer has never been elected by the universal vote. To them, how they became the ruler does not have our consent; to us, how we were born into this world does not have their consent. Thus, they and we are just two different sides, and there is no reason to assume the opinion of the two sides will be the same.

Moreover, that Communist regime unable to make an inch of land or a drop of water, takes away all our resources like the land and water bestowed by God for us to live, which make us 1.3 billion Chinese people have to buy those resources from its bureau directors at the high price set by them. For instance, in 2007 the average apartment price in China is around 6,000 yuan per square meter. $1 equals to about 8 yuan. Thus, a common apartment with the constructing area of 80 square meters is about 480,000 yuan. Among it, 40% to 50% is the land fee charged by the Communist regime, which means every one buying the apartment has to hand in about 230,000 yuan for nothing into the hands of the bureau directors of the Communist regime or the Communist Party. Meanwhile, the water plants are also built and maintained by people’s tax, and the water is given by God. But the Communist regime increased the water fee from 2 cents per ton in the 1980s to 2.5 yuan or 250 cents per ton in 2007, seeing an increase of 100 times. Just by robbing people of their natural resources given by God, every one of us Chinese people have to earn over 300,000 yuan, about $ 40,000 for the Communist bureau directors for nothing. Further, by controlling the whole economy by force, that regime decides people’s pay and people’s expenses/merchandise price, and actually collects over 80% of people’s income for tax.

For the thousands of years of China, we Chinese people have the land. Like from 485 to 780, the government let every man have about 26,000 square meters of land and every woman have about 13,000 square meters of land. Thus, for the thousands of years, our life is not bad. The basic life needs of housing, food, education and medical care haven’t been a problem for us. The emperor just built a couple palaces in the capital city, and let us people live in the way we choose. We actually did the market economy for the thousands of years.

But since the Chinese Communist regime came in 1949, it saying some Marxist jargons from the west, robs us to the extreme as the above mentioned. In 2007, the average income of the 1 billion Chinese adults, reaching 18 years, is about $50 a month, unable to solve the basic life needs like housing, education and medical care. At the same time, the Communist bureau leader gets about $40,000 a month even without taking money from his office. For example, several companies want to use a tract of land to do business, which has to get the permission from the bureau leader. The company gets it by bribery. If you want to stay away from those dirty stuff, the present China is not a place for you. Today in China, 0.4% of the population holds 70% of the wealth there.

If you were us common Chinese people, what feeling you would have toward that regime consisting of its bureaus directors? Now most of us Chinese people detest them. The Communism has been the faith highly promoted by that regime, but now there are 100 million Falun Gong practitioners and another 100 million Christians in China. There are more people walking away from communism. Why does that regime always crack down the freedom of speech? Because most people detest it. If most people liked it, it would welcome their voice. Therefore, the opinion of those Communist bureau directors, those several dictators are usually contrary to the opinion of us common Chinese people.

For example, now that regime brings the most harm upon America by supporting the comparatively small dictators in the world in politics, by dumping large amount of merchandise into America in economy, and by causing the global warming in environment. We common Chinese people resent what those dictators are doing.

They give guns, cannons, missiles, transmission equipment to those small dictators in Mid-east, in north Korea and other places in the world by robbing us of our wealth.

We resent them dumping large amount of merchandise into America too. By bringing down people’s pay and disregarding the damage upon the environment where we live, they cut down the price of the merchandise. Now they get the favorable foreign trade balance about 1.3 trillion U. S. dollars from America. Those communist officials put a part of it into their own pocket, a part of it for military to strike us and threaten the world, but not a penny for us who create the wealth. They do not import much life merchandise like food, clothes, software, movies from America either, which makes China get more currency and less merchandise. Then the inflation comes. Like in 2006, the pork in China was sold at 5 yuan per pound, and in 2007 it is about 15 yuan per pound. Other merchandise like water, soy sauce, vegetable has increased substantially too.

At the same time as it dumping large amount of merchandise into the world, especially America, it emits large amount of carbon dioxide into the sky. Again, it brought the flood, the drought and the high temperature upon us. Before 1990s, it was below 33 F in February in Beijing, and in 2007, it is 60 F. Millions of people work in those factories controlled by that regime, working 60 hours a week, earning about $ 90 a month, with no social security, no medical care. We common Chinese people do not see any benefit to counter those disasters from such foreign trade.

(Several more English essays of me in democratizing China are in my blog http://www.boxun.com/hero/flake/ . At the end of the page, you click the Chinese sign right below the text, and then it will go to the next page. Also, the common Chinese people like me can come to this forum, and the Chinese communists can come here too to argue against my idea. )

Clearly, today’s China consists of the two opposed sides: the Communist robbers holding less than 0.1% of the whole population and the over 99% of common Chinese people. As for cooperating with China or doing good to China, which side you want to cooperate with or doing good to?

We hope that some Americans when talking about opinion, stop using the confusing and annoying term China when you actually refer to that Communist regime. At least you can say, “Chinese government supports those dictators in the world,” though it is actually illegal government. For the American politicians who think of cooperating with China, we hope you would be clear of you want to cooperate with those Communist dictators or the 1.3 billion Chinese people.
I hear your invocation... It sounds like the communist regime is giving communism a bad name. All governments need to work together to provide for a satisfying income to all people... Those in charge do not deserve immensly greater incomes than the people... We need to cooperate for the economic status of all. If this means less pay for the upper class, so be it... We have to give freely. This is justice.
We got to take action to stop it.

Thank you for the reply and support. Many Chinese people feel now the Communist regime there is just robbing people shamelessly. We got to take action to stop it. The effective way is to spread the democratic information to anyone we can reach.