What to expect with Biden in the White House.

I predicted gas prices would go through the roof under Dementia Joe. I filled up in Oct 2020 at a Sam's Club for $1.889 a gallon. The Circle K on my corner just raised their price to $2.899 a gallon. So JoJo managed to raise gas prices by a buck a gallon in 5 months. Just wait till this time next year.
Dementia Joe has stopped the Keystone Pipeline, stopped new oil drilling on Fed land and has done everything in his power to make gas as expensive as possible.
So not only will it cost twice as much to fill your tank but everything will soon cost more. Free shipping may disappear and Uber may have to raise rates. Police may have to cut back on patrols, airline tickets will go up, your groceries will cost more and trucking costs rising will cost us all more money.
Dementia Joe stopping the Keystone Pipeline also cut out many jobs in Canada and the US.
Another stupid move to pacify leftists wackos at the expense of the taxpaying US citizens JoJo is supposed to protect.
The Dems will never protect any group other than lefty wackos.
Howdy, I used to work in commodities trading and even when the left was blaming Bush for the rise in gas prices, that was foolish. The only real influence a US president can have on the price of gas/diesel is either increasing or decreasing the strategic reserve (aside from a war).

Currently OPEC and Russia are pumping about 700,00 less gallons per day as a result of the Pandemic and because of the instability in addressing it (In the US and variants in Europe) the US Oil industry is not following the usual path of expanding production until there's stability. Crude is currently around $65 a barrel and will likely get close to $100 again before they expand production.
Nathan, Biden can increase the supply of gas. But he doesn't. He cut off oil leases on gov land. This has had a seriously negative effect on Indian reservations. Biden effectively pulled the plug on their income. And stopping the Keystone Pipeline has cost many, many jobs and will make us more dependent on foreign oil.
Under Trump we went from importing to exporting. And the price of gas tumbled. Under Biden the price of gas has soared.
So even though Biden doesn't control the price of gas he can control at least part of the supply.
My guess is a barrel of oil would cost a lot less if Trump were in the WH.
It takes time to set up a site, test, drill, test more, frack, extract, and on and on.

There is no magic switch. The keystone and oil prices are a misnomer by political hacks. Most neutral analysts will tell you halting at 550,000 gallons a day to Nebraska will decrease prices at Midwest refineries by giving them exclusive access to that crude rather than bidding for it against exporters at the gulf.

The south has had cold weather - that kills delivery & takes refineries offline - prices go up, add to that production has been in decline as a result of diminished need as a result of the pandemic and now loosening restrictions result in increased demand...prices rise.

I support biden but if gas drops to 50C a gallon under his admin, he didn't do it and Trump has no tangible effect on crude prices during his admin.

It's reality.
Nathan, oil supply is down under Biden because the Dems blame oil for climate change. Our oil supply will STAY down under Biden-Harris.
Raising the supply of oil lowers the price. That is a fundamental rule of economics. When oil becomes scarse the price goes up.
The boom in oil prices is on dementia Joe 100%.
That is absolutely absurd. You have no understanding of how oil commodities or markets work in this or any country. Try that line on brokers at the Merc, they'll laugh you out of the building.
Nathan, I do understand a basic principle of economics: the law of supply and demand. If supply and demand are in close balance the price of the commodity is relatively stable. If supply goes up the price and demand stays the same the price comes down. If supply goes down and demand stays the same the price goes up.
Biden has cut our supply of oil way down. And our demand has stayed the same so the price goes up. This may be related to Covid but the example I gave was Oct 2020, well into the Covid plandemic.
Oct 20, $1.88. Mar 21, $2.89. A buck higher in 5 months.
The rise in gas prices is due to Biden cutting our supply of gas. Under Trump we started out as an exporter and now we are an importer under Biden. He has cut our supply. That has raised our cost for a barrel of oil.
Regardless of how you feel and how you twist facts, this rise in gas is on Biden.
Nathan, I do understand a basic principle of economics: ........blah....blah.....blurt.....fart......uuuuurgghhhh.....
jeeezus mate you have a very limited view on the world don't you....judging by the rest of your reply.....no you patently don't.
In any case markets react.....Biden is just a President....Biden has meetings about unimportant stuff....markets contract or hedge on the futures markets for fuel....Biden is irrelevant to your fanciful construct. Try to understand the basis of energy structured markets and how they work.....they are a tad more complex than two curvy lines on a little x-y axis. Try looking at data driven oil markets; the rationalisation to high grade portfolio operators also of oil v natural gas etc etc etc.

Oh and please don't bother replying.....just carry on living happily in your fanciful little world of Bidenesque dystopia....it seems to give you purpose...:)....

na du wie sehts aus?
Now you have lost some of the Trump fans.
yeah...well... I recall that the Russians used to term them "useful idiots" for their ability to disseminate total crap to other useful idiots that took it as truth.....and voted in another useful idiot who totally wazzocked up their country!! Now the useful idiots are floundering around leaderless and brainless trying to make sense of a world bereft of Trump...ordained by God and not the electoral system; a historical analogy would be King Charles XII of Sweden maybe?

Have a nice Easter Wally
Today I bought gas at a Shell/Circle K. It only pumped $0.80 before the pump shut down, out of gas. I went a little way down the road to another Shell. The clerk said they had plenty to fill my tank but would likely run out of gas tonight.
All due to two facts: Biden's reduction of our gas production and the hacking of the pipeline company.
I bet the hacking was done by Russia. Not to make money but to hurt the US.
And Dementia Joe severely cut our gas production to suck up to the lying climate change wackos.
Way to go, Joe. Way to go. Put lying wackos ahead of taxpaying American citizens.
Putin hates US. He has nothing to gain other that puffing out his own chest. You are a liberal and you should understand that motivation.