Zina Linnik MURDERED by illeagal alien


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Jun 13, 2007
Way Down South
Remember the Story the Judge let go a a guy who had a parole volation that murder a girl "" Carie Brucia"" in Tampa Florida? And that Judge was Fired by Governor Jeb Bush. Now A Federal Judge did an exact samething letting go a Sex Offender whos from Mexico. Now why dont George Bush Fire this guy? The President can fire any federal judge if he wants just like the Governor can fire a state judge. If Alberto Gonzales can Fire any US Attorney for Political reasons So can George Bush he can fire any US Federal Judge. So i Demand the president to Ask this Judge for a RESIGNATION !!!! And get this. This Lil girl was Taught to Scream!!! by the police visit to kids in school if theyre abducted. Lets face it THE POLICE ARE NOT YOUR FREINDS As they claimed to be.THE POLICE NEVER HELPS YOU OUT Its time to tell chilldren the real truth about teachers and the police.Im gonna start teach my nephews how to defend themselves the right way BY USING VIOLANCE. Screaming doesnt do a damn thing but the criminal is gonna kill you anyway. The way to defend yoursdelf as a kid is to carry pepper spray and im gonna show my 7 year old nephew how to use it and dont tell your dad about it.Its the only way he can protect himself.The police dont get it they only answer to crime is GUNS!! I suggest yall rent a Movie called"" Eye for An Eye"" Its about the mothers Daughter brutaly Raped and Murdered and the Police and Justice System failed to Protect her Daughter so her mother took the law into her own hands and Killed her daughters rapist.And im gonna tell my 7 year old nephew the truth about police officers. Theyre not your friends,,They just guys in badges who loves to write tickets to grown ups so your daddy cant take you to disneyworld. If a police officer ask you a question you zip it dont say anything until you talk to your dad. Until police officers can prove they can protect you this is the way it is!!!

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