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I institutionalized myself....

Discussion in 'Culture & Religion' started by SusanConstant, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. SusanConstant

    SusanConstant Well-Known Member

    Aug 1, 2008
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    You do not found a church; you institute it. I began thinking: as we now sell people, justice and even our vote why not sell a church? A whole body of belief? What about God? I know - it's been done. But not like this...I invented it, made it an institution by typing it up and placed it on Ebay. I have something else on Ebay: your vote. So far only three Americans wanted their vote back or ten if you count the persons I reasoned my lawsuit to in person. I'm wondering: Will a church -people only, no buildings - get more responses than your vote? Both are under God. The Declaration & Constitution, Petitioners Versus The Declaration & Constitution, Defendents. They're both US law; I labelled one a church and one a federal lawsuit.

    I'm basically asking: How do you choose who is or is not an authority? An expert? Who controls your philosophy or what you believe is real? I actually had a lawyer try to argue reality with me; she was supposed ot be my lawyer and she would read a claim opposing counsel made and belive it then recite it ot me as a fact of me as in: If I stated that I have red hair as I do, she would read that I had blonde hair in the opposing counsel's petition and then insist that I blonde hair. Like this:

    She: You broke the law.
    Me: I did not. He did not attach the police report as he knows better. That report is extremely favorable towards me.
    She: You didn't do x. You broke the law.
    Me: Did you read that report? Now, if I broke the law I would have been arrested as that charge is serious. Further, there is no love lost between these cops and myself. They had every motivation to arrest me if I broke the law.
    She: But it happened on X day. You broke the law so you can't argue...
    Me: What are you reading? That is directly from his petitonnot mine. you said you were reading from mine. I ddi not write that. I know when i bought that plane ticket. And if you really wana push it we can all call the US supreme Court and tal kto Jeff a. He will tell you what day X happend and he will tell you that I do not control the US Supreme Court. I do not have ESP either. I could not have planned this if I tried. Here we go: No matter what he says I did not break the law. If that is his claim then he had beter sue the cops for not arresting me, a criminal. The cops investigated and the cops sided with me: NO LAW WAS BROKEN. The cops had a harcopy of the law; they reasoned the law and di not arest me. Forget x, y and z. you were not here plus you have the police report. Is there any record of me being arested? You have the names of hte cops - call them. I do not know what your problem is but YOU need me to be guilty or to believe I'm guilty for some reason. You cannot covince me that what did not happen and what is not a fact of me - guilt - is. I am innocent and nothign you say will change it. i know nasty lawyer word games. you are arguing actual reality tryign to use emotion to get me to then beive I am gulty. YOU have the problem as you are then lying. Last time I chekced, NY & FL had reciprocal argeeements. Is NY going to arrest me for what FL did not ex post facto? You know better; that idea is ridiculous but you might get soemone killed doing it.

    See? They are sneaky as all get out. I meet person after person this has happpend to only they do not hear it; not in court, not in books, not in church. If they do not see it it is not true or if John Roberts does not say yes then it is not law no matter what our law says. This is what happened in Bush V Gore.

    Some guy on the internet? He suggested that Buddha and Jesus were the same person. Not reincarnated but the same person in two different places as if they co-existed at the same time. He suggested that we might be confusd and Jesus and Buddha were one and the same. He had a list. It al lsounded great. Except: That we got our dates & places mixed up when we wrote it down. :rolleyes: Unless you were able to feel 'blame' you would not have known this as he ddid not write it exactly. He suggested it.

    Anyway, I am not mocking religion. I belive all are valid paths to God; i am mocking or exposing how we will belive anythng if the truth is too painful. That humans avoid painful emotonal truths at all costs. Once you acknowledge it then you have to deal with it as you know. The problem? If you spend your life denying reality then you do not realize it when someone is manipulating you. You can't; you are it, you're in it and you do it. You have no point of refernce...or do you? Denying reality is actually about:

    Selfdoubt. What you believe is that somebody else is the authority not you. Someone else is better or smarter or more able. You believe something is too hard or that you'd fail. You want someone in charge telling you what to do and when to do it as you think you can't make decsions for yoruself. You know what kind of experience makes you a great President or Pope? LIFE! Experience of other people!

    I thought, Why does it shock people that I'm fearless? If Adams or Jesus can found a governemnt why can't I? If Einstein can why not me? They do not believe law, math or science; actual fact. Will they believe me as a church? So I wrote up Relativity and equal protection & due process as a church. Hey, that's all Joseph Smith did - he copied our governement!

    Here are the links (I put your vote in a category I knew people would see thus women's clothes!) :



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