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Obama flops, and Media ignores

Discussion in 'U.S. Politics' started by Andy, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. Andy

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    Jan 6, 2008
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    This is amazing to me, except that it proves pretty much what I have been saying for months now.

    In this July 13th article it states this:
    Republicans call Obama’s stimulus plan a flop, oppose a second package
    First, notice Obama fully admits to cramming this stimulus crap bill down our throats for a collective $787 Billion dollars, and an estimated $10 Trillion more in debt in 9 years.... "designed with incorrect or incomplete economic data"?

    So our idiot in chief has doubled our national debt based on incomplete or incorrect economic data? Well great! And here people complain about Bush being stupid, Obama had doubled his mistake now.

    But it doesn't end there... Notice Obama brilliantly claims his package "is working exactly as we had anticipated"... Does anyone see a problem here? Let us pause for a moment, to review what claims were made by the proponents of the economic stealfromus package:
    This image you see here, is based on the economic data that Obama's economic team put out. Notice... this is THEIR data.

    As you can see, WITH the stealfromus package, the unemployment rate should have leveled off at no higher than 8%.

    WITHOUT the stealfromus economic package, they theorized it would level off by the beginning of 2010, at no higher than 9%.

    We've now surpassed 9.5%.

    Now back to the present. Obama tells the media: his plan "is working exactly as we had anticipated". Does anyone see a problem here?

    But it gets better. All you anti-fox news people, notice how the article continues? Where's the "but mr. President! You said unemployment wouldn't hit 9% with your plan?" or "But Barack, you said it would level off at 8%?" or how about "Where's all the jobs you promised?"

    Notice even the title. "Republicans say...." What do you mean republicans say? You can't read the economic stimulus plan yourself, and see it failed in everything it was supposed to achieve? You mean I can look up the Obama Economic team presentation, and see that it didn't do what they claimed, but you the media can not?

    Instead they wander off and ask Republicans why they are nay saying his plan, as if the press couldn't begin to guess what those right-wingers were complaining about.

    On the other hand, if Fox had interviewed Obama, and attacked him over not having a clue about the economy when he passed this bill, or demanded to know why we should trust him with a second stimulus bill, when the first one bombed so bad... there would be threads all over about how Fox is a Republican propaganda machine or some such.

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