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Please read every word of this

Discussion in 'World Politics' started by Dude111, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Dude111

    Dude111 Well-Known Member

    Dec 24, 2008
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    A very good read!!

    All this crap is just to scare people into getting control amoung a large group of people!!

    Half the people in the world fall for it while the other half STAND UP trying to get the idiots to wake up so they arent affected anymore!

    ASPCA4EVER Well-Known Member

    Apr 9, 2009
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    Land of the JAYHAWKS-ROCK CHOCK Jayhawk, KU
    Way back into my youth, I read a book {forgot the author} but it was called 'Captains & Kings' {I believe that was the title} and the entire premise of the book was just exactly this: We are moved/directed/regulated by a select few of the International World Shakers who have collective their thumb on any and all global activity. It has always made me think: I love my country, but I fear my government!!! :confused:

    That was an excellent piece of reading...I hope everyone at least reads some of it, if not all!!!
  3. PLC1

    PLC1 Moderator Staff Member

    Apr 20, 2007
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    The Golden State
    Here are a couple of links to sources mentioned in the article:

    United States House Select Committee to Investigate Tax-Exempt Foundations and Comparable Organizations

    According to the article in the OP, it was doing pretty much the opposite: promoting a change in our society so that it could be merged with the Soviet Union.

    Of course, the Soviet Union is history now.

    Fabian Society

    Cecil Rhodes:

    That sounds lot like the PNAC. Is there a connection?

    Is this for real, or is it a collection of unrelated events and philosophies? You decide.
  4. milena

    milena Member

    Mar 4, 2009
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    People are usually misinformed when it comes to current matters in Iran, and the actual living conditions of the real, ordinary people living there. Personal freedom is very limited, but being a theocratic society, Iran seems to accept the manner of conduct in everyday life as normal, just the way others in democratic societies take their freedoms for granted. For example, use of Internet in Iran is reduced to a minimum, and social networks such as Facebook are banned. There is no way for the young people over there to connect with others from different parts of the world. That way the government prevents inflow of western ideas but also puts a padlock to the window into the positives that difference of information can bring to young minds. This topic can be discussed from various angles, but the one that I recommend you to take a look at is The Age of Nepotism, the book by Vahid Razavi that covers this and many other burning issues in today's global society. You can also visit the site www.thegeofnepotism.com

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