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The March of the Wooden Morans

Discussion in 'U.S. Politics' started by Greco, Sep 17, 2009.

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    Oct 9, 2008
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    I couldn't have said it better. Much thanks to Lorenzo Carcaterra from TrueSlant.com for this insightful analysis.

    The March of the Wooden Morans

    They came to Washington fired up and ready to go.

    Thousands marched on Washington, D.C. yesterday to voice their outrage over the possibility that the President of the United States would sign into law a plan that would call for all to gain universal health coverage.

    That’s right, they came to march against health coverage and the costs of such coverage. Because NOW they are concerned about government spending. And they came armed with the tools of the right–hate and ignorance. One overweight man in his fifties walked around with a sign that simply read “Morans.” Another, an overweight woman also in her fifties, claimed she would no longer listen to the “Liberal Nazi in the White House.” Many held signs that portrayed President Obama as the Joker from “Batman” under which was scrawled the word “Fascism.”

    Before we get to the main arguments, some housecleaning here is in order: My mother lived the first 24 years of her life under Mussolini’s Fascism. She lost a husband, an infant and a young brother. And if anyone living under Mussolini’s Fascism had carried a sign that painted anything on Il Duce’s face, he would have been shot dead on sight. Know the meaning of the word, moran, and the pain it has caused those who lived under its weight before you choose to use it.

    There is no such thing as a liberal Nazi. Nazis were right wingers and the people in the march yesterday did not have to venture far to discover that for themselves–they could have simply asked the Neo-Nazis in attendance on which side of the aisle they cast their vote.

    And Morans? What can I say? The Moran who wrote that is indeed a moron.

    Many of the assembled were gathered there by Dick Armey, the former Congressman who chairs a group called Freedom Works. It is a group primarily funded by the insurance industry and has been linked to disruptions and demonstrations at the various circus town hall meetings we bore witness to this summer. I wonder if many of the demonstators in the crowd knew that Armey is a fervent believer in the privatization of Social Security and has argued for open immigration, letting anyone who wants to enter this country come in and stay in. He was opposed to the war in Iraq until he met with then Vice-President Dick Cheney and was assured our troops would walk through the streets of that country as “they did going through the streets of Paris.” Armey later claimed he deserved better than “to be bad wordted by the Vice-President.”

    Armey is also concerned about President Obama. He said the President’s very name “gives people concern he could have been much too influenced by Muslims.” Not him, mind you. Never him. Just people.

    I don’t care if people protest. It’s an American tradition to be ticked off, carry a sign and walk out in public, often looking like a fool. I drove by a 7-11 just last week and saw three fat white guys holding up signs that said, “No More Spics” and “Take Back Your Country.” Hey, it’s a moran’s right.

    I do care that they come to the protest fueled with hate and armed with lies. Last week, during his speech, President Obama was talking about the insurance companies and the profits they reap over health care. He said, “They don’t do this because they are bad people.” The protesters at yesterday’s march did not listen to the President’s speech. They listened to Sean Hannity who that very night said, on more than one occasion, “the President said that insurance executives are bad people.”

    They learn the words fascism and Nazi from Beck, a moran growing rich over their ignorance. They already dislike President Obama for the color of his skin and not for any political position he may have taken. Using that as their starter’s pistol, the voices of the right add to it with their angry words and fear tactics, careful to never, ever step on the truth and call for an open and honest debate.

    They even call themselves Tea Baggers and modeled their protest after the Boston Tea Party. The Boston Tea Party of Samuel Adams–the patriot not the drink, morans. Mr. Adams strongly believed in the guiding principle “that all men were born with natural rights, life, liberty, health and possessions.” The government, he also believed, was there to “protect and provide these rights for the people.” That’s right, you tea bagging morans, Samuel Adams, Mr. Tea Party himself, was in favor of government health coverage.

    The protesters yesterday also seemed very agitated over debt and costs. “Our grandchildren are going to have to foot this bill,” one shouted. “No way, no how.” The cost in money for the war in Iraq would have paid for universal health coverage and still had a few billion left over. Not to mention that thousands of those grandchildren they are now so concerned about would still be alive or have all their limbs. We are still paying a heavy price for a war that should never have been fought. But did this crew march over that? Were they concerned about the human and financial cost of that? Did they worry about their kids or grandkids having to pay the cost of a fool’s war?

    You can bet 5,000 lives they didn’t.

    But have a President try to pass health care reform and mention that maybe they get some exercise and lay off the Big Macs , then baby, load up the RV, we’re going to D.C. They believe the lies told to them by Rush and the FOX crowd because they choose to; it is the easiest option available to them. Toss onto that heap of hate the very idea that a black man sits in the highest office of the land and you get the angry mob that assembled yesterday.

    They don’t give a rat’s ass about the budget. If so, they would have applauded Bill Clinton as loudly as if he were a NASCAR driver since he BALANCED the budget and left wrong-war Bush a surplus of cash for him to blow. But they didn’t.

    They forgave Bush for the 9/11 attacks that occured on his watch. He was only in office a short time, what could the poor boy have done to prevent it other than maybe pay attention and read the memos. Do you think they will allow President Obama such a courtesy should another attack occur? What are you a moran?

    They didn’t march in anger when Iraq turned into a disaster. They didn’t seem too concerned then about all the lives wasted and the BILLIONS spent. Why?

    And when the financial meltdown occured, also on Bush’s watch, and he proposed bail-out after bail-out, not a word from these marchers. Where was the concern for their grandchildren then? Where was the hair tugging over rising costs and government spending? Well, give the good ol’ boy a break. He’s doing the best he can for the country he so much loves.

    Then in walks Obama and the doors of hate swing wide open. Suddenly, they turn into fiscal conservatives, listening to every word uttered by Beck, Hannity and Rush “where the hell are my drugs?” Limbaugh. They won’t let this President speak to their children in school, no sir. He might tell them something dangerous. They don’t want health care for all. Health care that would take care of every single American? Why, that’s socialism right there, isn’t it Sean? Or is it fascism, Rush? Or is just a Nazi thing, Beck? Whatever it is, if Obama wants it, I know it’s bad.

    Racism rules in this country and always has and it always will, with sexism just a step behind. When Cindy Sheehan protested in front of the White House, we were told by the right she was a liberal wack-job. Forget for a second, she lost a son in a war that should never have been fought.

    She lost a son. That was the price she paid.

    What price have the protestors paid? Many looked old enough to be on Social Security (a government funded program FDR copied from Mussolini, a fascist). Still going to cash that check though aren’t you?

    Many of them are on Medicaid. They’re not going to give that up to help balance the budget and reduce costs, are they?

    Many are unemployed, getting a check each week from the government. That’s not going to stop until that last check is cut.

    What won’t stop is the bile and lies and hate coming at us from the voices of the right who are always so very wrong.

    What won’t stop is the growing hatred toward a young President based on his beliefs and the color of his skin.

    It won’t stop until he is stopped. That is the goal of the right.

    They’ve done it before.

    In the summer months of 1963, the voices of the right were tossing hate bombs at another young President. This time over concerns he was too liberal and his religion was one that frightened a fair number of them, primarily those who lived in the South. There were no Becks, Rushs or Hannitys back then, so the John Birch Society filled the void. They tossed out messages of hate, threats and warnings.

    One such warning was for President John F. Kennedy to stay out of Texas.

    To stay out of Dallas.

    You think what is going on today is harmless? You think it’s just people protesting as is their right? You think all the angry talk and the hate speech are just words?

    Well, think again, morans.

    Think again.

    © 2008-2009 Copyright True/Slant. All rights reserved.

    (In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.)
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    Nov 27, 2007
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    KARMA-Time will be catching-up, to them, soon enough....​


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