9-11 Conspiricy Question


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Jan 17, 2008
land of 10,000 lakes and 2 senators again
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4 Planes Hijacked...Some think not realy and they where Military Planes flown by Remote,

2 Buildings Rigded with Bombs all over the place

All the people who helped Clean up at the sites

All the people who investigated and found no bombs, and found the human body parts at the sceens

All the family members of those on the planes that you say where not full of people...all there freinds.

All the People who saw the planes hit.

The Piolets flying trying to intercept, but with no idea where to go

the Air traffic Controlers

Bin laden as his people who have taken credit for the attacks

How many people do you think where in on this super conspircy. Give me a ball park of how many you think knew and helped plan, and helped exicute this great attack...
Just Bush...

He was pretending to read to children when it happened but notice his book is upside down:


Bush had a very special book he was "reading" from:


He pulled off 9/11 by remote control... and this guy told him whether or not he was hitting his targets:


Now so that I can cash in on 9/11, buy my DVD and complete Book set on the topic.
There was a programme the other day on the BBC called "Conspiracy Files" which concentrated on the WTC7 and the supposed controlled explosion which caused its collapse. What intrigued me was the cast of "experts" that lined up to propose the theory....seemingly qualified engineers, architects and designers all with credentials in their field.

The proposition of the "controlled demolition" was so patently ludicrous as to defy reason but there they were...... ah well I guess they make more money talking shiitt than they do in the real world!
My answer is, I have no idea how many people would be required to pull-off such a FALSE FLAG OPERATION.
HOWEVER, what we do have are facts about the events of the day that are VERY suspicous and as such need answers before we can have closure on this subject.

My question is WHY did one sixth of a steel framed skyscraper (after having been damaged by an aircraft crash) "collapse" down onto the remaining undamaged five-sixths of the building as cause TOTAL DESTRUCTION?
What is the largest single bit of anything found at the site?
A complete desk, chair, copy machine, fax machine, telephone? ... or?
Not only did the building get destroyed, but ALL of the stuff in the building was very thoroughly busted up into small bits. This sort of thing takes energy, was there enough energy available from the Kinetic energy of the top one sixth of the building to cause such destruction? and people will be quick to add, OH BUT THERE WAS THIS HUGE HOT FIRE, The fire was an enabling event, and did not contribute energy to the destruction of the lower five sixth of the building. Remember, the lower five sixth of the building was NOT damaged by an aircraft crash, and did not have fires.
ALSO, to acomplish a "collapse" such as was observed, not just once but THREE times in the same day, tens of thousands of welds would have to fail right on "Q" !

I for one... do NOT buy it at all (that is the "official" 9/11 pack of lame excuses)

Your tax dollars at work, a Defense Department that FAILS to defend even its own HQ!

I rest my case....
I hope you do give it a rest.

Logical Fallacy 101:

we do have ... facts about the events of the day that are VERY suspicous and as such need answers

Facts are not questions that need answered.

Someone has strung together cherry picked, and in some cases outright fabricated, "Facts" in such a fashion as to leave your brain guessing because instinctively, you know somethings missing cuz it just doesn't make sense. Have you Bought any 9/11 DVD's or Books? Did they leave you with more questions than answers? Thats the point of 9/11 CT's, to get you to both literally and figuratively "Buy" their product.

Once you take the time to learn the facts that were left out and which ones are not facts at all... Everything is much more reasonable and far more believable. The only thing that doesn't make sense about 9/11 after learning the facts - are the 9/11 conspiracy theories.
RE: GenSeneca

Thank U

and now, why is it not a FACT, the indeed one sixth of one of the WTC Towers "collapsing" down onto the remaining five sixths (undamaged structure) caused the TOTAL DESTRUCTION that we all saw?
This is acording to the OFFICIAL 9/11 report and unless our taxpayer funded in-depth report on the subject is really a white-wash job .....

Question: what is the largest single bit of anything found at the site?
a desk, chair, file cabinet? what?

The alligation is brought up that 50,000 people worked in these towers and so how could anyone get into the building to plant explosives(?) HOWEVER given the number of people actually in the towers on the moring of 9/11/2001 there would have to be a major part of the workforce absent from their jobs, OR maybe that 50,000 figure is just a bit inflated? in any case something just doesn't add up here.

For the benefit of anyone who has not worked in an office...
You sit in your cubie, and a memo goes around that sez people will be in to work in the {phone system, air conditioning, internet wiring... whatever}
and sorry for the inconvenence but cut the tradesmen a bit of slack they are just doing their job.. and people show up with heavy tool boxes and proced to work, do we officie minions go look over their shoulders and ask them what they are doing? and if they told us, how many office minions would be qualified to question what they are doing?

It is also a FACT
that the worlds greatest military power FAILED to defend even its own HQ!

how do we explain that one?
and on 9/12/2001 Donald Rumsfeld still had a job!

Its like that bit with an elephant in the living room and nobody is saying anyting about the elphant even though its right in front of everybody!

Wake UP AMERICA! its a big stinking elephant and taking up space in our living room!

While we are at it, we need to retire BOTH the donkey and the elephant and find a new critter, how about a cute penguin?
I thought you were going to give it a rest? Guess not...

I received the following PM from Nospam4me:

RE: Alright whats going on arround here?
are U being paid by the NEW WORLD ORDER
or are you just doing this because you think its fun?

May I recomend that you take some time,
if you have some weekend spare time,
just go sit under a tree or go to the beach,
or whatever does it for you, and think
roll it over in your mind, what happened on
and the concept of the BIG LIE.

There is an elephant in the living room
and WE THE PEOPLE need to recognize that fact!

Do you want the REPUBLIC to fail because of some greed inc. war profiteers?
the military industrial complex is real and its dangerous!

Seek Truth
ask questions
demand answers.

Bust Bush and Cheney!

This really covers the gamut for delusional thought... I'd only like to comment by saying: I wish I did get paid for this stuff.

Its sad to see so many persisting in their delusion out of hatred for Bush... To prove my point look at the fact that there are countless Bush haters who disagree about 9/11 being an inside job but there isn't one single Bush Supporter that thinks it was....
The following is for anyone actually interested in understanding some of the events that day. Believers will write off anything I, or anyone else, has to say or provide as evidence but I'm hoping to reach the fence sitters like my friend Andy - who still seems open to reason and wiling to look at facts that contradict perceptions.

This Flight 77 Animation was constructed with the evidence collected at the scene, including video, and the eyewitness reports who saw the plane:

To believe this is not how things transpired requires you to ignore significant evidence that contradicts the CT:

136 people saw the plane approach the Pentagon, and

104 directly saw the plane hit the Pentagon.

6 were nearly hit by the plane in front of the Pentagon. Several others were within 100-200 feet of the impact.

26 mentioned that it was an American Airlines jet.

39 others mentioned that it was a large jet/commercial airliner.

2 described a smaller corporate jet. 1 described a "commuter plane" but didn't mention the size.

7 said it was a Boeing 757.

8 witnesses were pilots. One witness was an Air Traffic Controller and Pentagon tower Chief.

2 witnesses were firefighters working on their truck at the Pentagon heliport.

4 made radio calls to inform emergency services that a plane had hit the Pentagon.

10 said the plane's flaps and landing gear were not deployed (1 thought landing gear struck a light pole).

16 mentioned seeing the plane hit light poles/trees, or were next to to the poles when it happened. Another 8 mentioned the light poles being knocked down: it's unknown if they saw them hit.

42 mentioned seeing aircraft debris. 4 mentioned seeing airline seats. 3 mentioned engine parts.

2 mentioned bodies still strapped into seats.

15 mentioned smelling or contacting aviation/jet fuel.

3 had vehicles damaged by light poles or aircraft debris. Several saw other occupied vehicles damaged.

3 took photographs of the aftermath.

Many mentioned false alarm warnings of other incoming planes after the crash. One said "3-4 warnings."

And of course,

0 saw a military aircraft or missile strike the Pentagon.

0 saw a plane narrowly miss the Pentagon and fly away.
Something that sets off alarms big time
is the FACT that the "GOV" is still sitting on the Virginia Department of Transportation Video and if all it shows is a Boeing 757 headed for the Pentagon, whats the big deal? Photographic evidence trumps eye witnesses any time.
Also, I still question
WHY did the worlds greatest military power FAIL to defend even its own HQ?
For over half an hour, the alleged FLT77 aircraft flew off course and in fact headed toward this nations CAPITAL and we did what? Not only not logical... but its strange indeed that on 9/12/2001 Donald Rumsfeld still had a job!

The whole story about 19 suicidal Arabs with box cutters,

A commander in chief who sits in a photo-op when informed that "AMERICA is under attack" This whole thing is NUTZ! its the BIG LIE!

Something that sets off alarms big time
is the FACT that the "GOV" is still sitting on the Virginia Department of Transportation Video and if all it shows is a Boeing 757 headed for the Pentagon, whats the big deal? Photographic evidence trumps eye witnesses any time.

So that one video would change your mind but hundreds of eyewitness testimonies, Photographic evidence of the plane crash and the black box information that matches with flight data recorders is all totally irrelevant? Thats a special kinda logic.

For over half an hour, the alleged FLT77 aircraft flew off course and in fact headed toward this nations CAPITAL and we did what?

They turned the transponders off so we couldn't track them. Have you ANY concept of many commercial flights are cruising around at any given time?

The whole story about 19 suicidal Arabs with box cutters,

"Wasn't 9/11 enough of a conspiracy theory to make the theorist's happy?
Religious fanatics, directed by God, conspired to use planes as suicide bombs. They conspired to demolish an American landmark, to kill thousands of people, and to crush the economy, liberty and spirit of the greatest nation on earth."--Penn

Yeah spammy.... Your theory sounds much more plausible... :rolleyes:

From 20 things you'll never hear a CT say:

"Never attribute to evil intentions that which can readily be explained by ignorance, stupidity, or ineptitude."
First of all,
"black box information that matches with flight data recorders"
the alleged flight data recorder info from "FLT77" was released to PILOTS FOR 9/11 TRUTH and ya know what, it doesn't line up with a flight path that ends in crashing into the PENTAGON, the plane is too high. That is, the flight data recorder alleged data is BOGUS!

Next bit of business, You say that the alleged FLT77 aircraft had its transponder turned off and therefore became invisible? Hey heck of a Romulan cloaking device there! The fact is, that Andrews Air Base has state-of-the-art RADAR and an aircraft (transponder signal or not) will show up on said RADAR and an aircraft that does NOT have a transponder signal and is very clearly on a course headed for this nations CAPITAL (indeed after two aircraft had already hit the WTC!) this would set off alarms big time!

This is why its so important to find out exactly what was going on with those Drills that morning, where the drills called off at the time of the second hit to the WTC? or did the drills continue? WE THE PEOPLE need to have the TRUTH in this matter. Modern RADAR is good enough to tell an aircraft from a flock of birds or a weather balloon and the fact of seeing a dot on the radar scope that represents an aircraft without a transponder signal ... well Air Traffic Control has an interest in air SAFETY and so they would want to know who or what is that "UFO" on their RADAR.

The "official" 9/11 report is so full of holes!

The statement "Andrews Air Base didn't have any aircraft that could fly on short notice" for one thing I'm not buyin' it! During the COLD WAR, Andrews was armed to the teeth and ready 24/7 for ANYTHING, you are telling me that the home port for AirForce ONE was diss-armed? and even if it where true about ANDREWS, what about the MANY other Air Bases all over the eastern seaboard?

Its not just that the "gov" screwed something up, its that MANY things got done that day so backward, so contrary to what should have been done or for that matter in direct violation of written procedures that NORAD and the FAA had in place.