An interesting insight on the muslim mind


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Nov 21, 2008
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Darwinsrocks,it seems to me that you are failing to see a different interpretation of God and religion. Very few people interpret every word written in the Bible are literally correct, with no room for some degree of interpretation of what was written. Most people today can accept that many of the stories are metaphors (such as your story about God creating the devil).

The perfect example is the four Gospels of the new Testament. All four tell the same story (birth of Christ), yet all four have many contradictions. The reason is the four authors have different biases (such as whether it was the Romans or the Jews who wanted Christ killed). Also, they were written 100 years apart - great example of how time, language, and customs can change recorded history over time.

It sounds like the purpose in your writing is to completely discredit and destroy all religions and the notion of God. Having done that repeatedly, you ignore the evidence that some form of God exists in the universe. To come across as an absolute agnostic or atheist leaves no room for abstract thinking. That's a narrow point of view.


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Jul 10, 2008
Ah but now you are in the other trap that Christians fall into

They have had to accept that a literal interpretation of the bible is not supportable so to stay in the game they have gone for the interpretational option

This is a severe case of jumping from the frying pan to the fire

Who is now to say which bits are true and which bits are allegorical?

And where does the resurrection fit?

True or allegorical?

If you say true you have to accept that a truly dead man came back to life three days after death. Now call me a stickler if you will but that just did not happen

If you say it is allegorical then Christianity is in deep shit

There are many other examples I could choose but clearly neither a literal or metaphorical view of the bible works
If you are saying there may be a force we don't understand yet that could be a sort of god then I can't argue although I do not think it useful to ascribe such names to currently inaccessible parts of the universe or beyond