Another democrat sex scandal this time its Bob Menendez as mainstream media looks the other way


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Jun 13, 2007
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New Jersey senator denies prostitutes after FBI raid

New Jersey senator Bob Menendez denies hiring prostitutes in the Dominican Republic, despite an FBI raid seemingly claiming otherwise. The allegations against him state that Menendez was hiring underage prostitutes while taking trips to Latin America with campaign donor Dr. Salomon Melgen.

"Any allegations of engaging with prostitutes are manufactured by a politically-motivated right-wing blog and are false," Menendez says in a statement.

This comes after FBI agents raided Melgen's West Palm Beach office and discovered that Menendez had "quietly sent a $58,500 personal check to Melgen's company to reimburse the cost of two flights," the Miami Herald reports. The raid was primarily done to "investigate possible fraudulent billing activities by Melgen's business." The tipster also revealed their alleged involvement with underage sex workers.

"This was sloppy," Menendez chief of staff Dan O'Brien tells NBC of the three year delay of his boss paying for Melgen's flights. "I'm chalking it up to an oversight."
He adds, "We can assume the Senate Ethics Committee is looking at the allegation."

The Menendez sex scandal has 0 news stories on all 3 major networks. CNN or MSNBC wont report it. 5 Newspapers ran the scandal story and New York Times has zero stories on it.

Lets see compared to republicans sex scandals

Mark Foley had over 105 stories from TV news networks . 173 stories from CNN & MSNBC and 156 stories from newpapers including the New York Times

Larry Craig had over 117 stories TV news networks . 161 stories from CNN & MSNBC and 186 stories from newpapers including the New York Times.

And the mainstream media is fair and balenced? Fox News has ran this Menendez story all over. But NBC NEWS,,ABC NEWS and CBS NEWS had none of this. Suprised?