Bush on Larry King: He just reaffirmed my original thoughts.

Furious George

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Aug 1, 2006
This guy [The President] belongs in a cheap comedy club. Not only are his jokes unfunny, they are just plain cold. When Larry King asked about our debt, Bush replied, "That's my problem, I'm not gonna worry about it." When it came to gay marriage, the President said, "I think any gay man can marry a woman."

These are the first two (In the first 10 minutes of the program) excerpts that really stuck out in my head. This guy is a TOTAL lunatic. I've always thought that people were less or even more radical than myself were over-reacting, but now I just realized this. The funny thing was, Larry kept asking Bush to be 'serious', following with a school-girl-esque laugh. Now we're talking Larry King, the pill-popping lap-dog to the elderly.

I'm gonna see if I can grab some footage from this interview, because I'm not sure if this is real or fake.
Oh man, that's...I don't know man, I don't know...oh man...

That's...pretty bad. I see alot of clips of Bush's various antics (the most painful one is still his speech on sovereignity, a close second being his 30 second rebuttal- or complete lack thereof- of Kerry's criticism in their public debate.) They were confirmed real in my mind when he tried walking out of the China press conference and walked into the doors instead.

The funniest thing about Bush's opinions? They're actually pretty logically consistent. Gay men would, in all seriousness, be capable of marrying a woman...but definitely not close to anything in the way that Bush meant, of course.

National debt: "That's my problem; I'm not going to worry about it."

They should make that his campaign slogan.
I soon realized later in the program that this was actually an actor, but said he based views and exerpts on things Bush has said in the past. The only reason I believed it was because the things he was saying wasn't out of the realm of impossibility.

Great actor though.
You know the state of the presidency is pretty bad when an actor making comments like that is easily mistaken for the president. I would still like to see footage of this, have you seen it anywhere?
I didn't see the episode but it's clear that Bush has writers and not very funny ones. I mean, any gay man can marry a woman? Sure he can. And ruin her life because she wonders why he doesn't love her. Great idea!