Christmas is around the corner


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Nov 1, 2006
Are you ready for the big day?

We haven't really begun shopping, which is unusual for us. Hope I can find what I want before time is up.
I hardly ever buy presents- I'm hopeless at shopping and usually buy things not by occassion, but if I see something that I know somebody wants, or would really like, regardless of the events. Then other people buy me presents and I feel kinda guilty- but were I to try buying stuff in a regimented manner and forcing myself to give out tokenistic gifts, I would probably feel worse. That's why I usually end up giving people gift art.

The big day for me will involve a short trip back to my family home, whereupon I will be required to attend a morning service (maybe...depending on how tired my mother is, these days). I would not mind this so much if only I could not see the thoughtlessness and the inappropriate forms of conservatism in the congregation (and my family) which manifests itself as emotivism. While the pastor is an intellectual, the whole deal just grates on me and my mother will persist in thinking "homosexuality is not of God" for the rest of her days, which frustrates me. I try my best to get along with her and she is glad that I am trying but unfortunately, the whole matter inevitably resembles a Linkin Park song.
I have started shopping, but I have a lot more to go still. Trying to get in the Christmas spirit for the kids. We are putting up the tree today and decorating. Would you believe it is 60 degrees here today. I live in what they call the snowbelt but no snow here today.
Shoppings done, gifts are wrapped. I didn't get around to putting up the tree yet, but I figure there is plenty of time.

A friend of mine is just the opposite - his tree is up, but he is just now starting to get the gifts lined up LOL
I'm way too much of a penny pincher to buy everyone a nice gift, but I do make certain things with my family, and distribute them. As we speak, my mom and sister are preparing one of many batches of homemade fudge that we will give as gifts. I'm such a hard worker!
Does anyone else feel that the Christmas season is growing each year? I remember when I was a kid, you never saw Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving. Heck, nowadays they're rushing to get the Christmas stuff out before Halloween is over! I think it's just a ploy to get us to spend more money. :(
I would have to agree that they do this to get people out there buying and thinking about Christmas earlier. Seen a lot of this in the stores this year. Halloween was barely over and they had out the Christmas decorations. To soon for me.
Yes, I've noticed this trend too. This year, I don't really feel that Christmas is much of a *Christmas* at all.
Christmas is alive and well at my house. The decorations are up, the presents have been purchased, we have been participating in our annual traditions such as reading a Christmas story and singing a carol every day. I will have to work on Christmas but, that is ok, Christmas is in the heart, I will just celebrate day early.
Glad to know that someone has a handle on things. I'm sorry you have to work on Christmas day, though. Unfortunately, it happens. My husband just started a new job and will be home, but without pay. :( Hope everyone has a great one!
It's great to hear some Christmas cheer. My family is all ready for Christmas. We put the tree up the Saturday after Thanksgiving and are very excited. Most of the shopping is done and I think the excitement is even greater because we have an 18 month old. :)