Cindy McCain:I will never release my Tax returns

Oh come on Popeye you're being seduced by popularist hyperbole and weak journalism...

Cindy McCain, spoiled heiress that she is, is worth an estimated 100 million....

Big deal. I wish my wife had pots of cash.

Husband John, in running for president, has certain financial restraints put on him by election law. He already, when short of money, has taken advantage of one of Cindy's corporate jets that he used while campaigning.....

So whatl! So he uses the family jet that's what its there for surely, carrying members of the family.

As far as I know the only questions raised about his finances was the use of his donor list as collateral in raising a bank loan which was perfectly legal if unusual.

The American public as a whole demand transparency from their political candidates....
She's not a candidate!

that includes their wives. So far John and Cindy McCain have not been forthcoming about where Cindy's millions are going and in what capacity, until they are this will remain an issue.

This is all so superficial......its showmanship.....its bollox!! Just because one candidate comes out and says "Hey guys d'ya wanna look at my tax bill" that means thay all should!! To what end? As I said earlier you are shown what they want you to see. In fact I have to admire this McCain lass if she turns round and says to the press "up yours you cheap crass hacks" good for her!! Its her right to PRIVACY!

To me that shows integrity! The fact that she's above this cheap dysfunctional media circus that surrounds your whole election process.....shame nobody checked that George Bush could string a coherent sentence together before they called him president, but hey just as well his tax was in order!!??