DNC goes after Cindy McCain's tax returns


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Sep 3, 2007
Washington state
Heiress and known drug addict Cindy McCain has recently stated that she would not release her tax returns...even if she becomes first lady. Remember, she files separately from John. The DNC has decided to jump on this, noting how Cindy McCain's wealth has benefited her husband's political career. For example, husband John McCain, when his campaign was struggling with money, was able to use a corporate jet owned by a private company headed by Cindy. Who knows in what capacity John has been using Cindy's millions.

DNC chairman Howard Dean had this to say:

"John McCain may not like it, but the American people have a right to know about the well documented links between his political career and the McCains' business ventures, John McCain's refusal to meet the standard of every other candidate seeking the office is one more reason he's the wrong choice for America's future."