Clinton's Iraq vote

Eric Indiana

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Feb 4, 2008
I just wanted to say that the one thing that I can't get over about Clinton is her Iraq vote. When she voted for the war, it was after the largest world-wide protests in the history of the planet trying to stop Bush's war. She & other members of Congress had received more emails against the war than on any subject ever. She's smart. She knew better. The way she tries to say that she didn't know Bush would actually go to war and that she did the best with the intelligence she had, etc. just infuriates me. She voted for the war because it was politically expedient to do so. She didn't want Republicans running ads against her saying she was weak on terrorism or on Iraq. Most of the Democrats at that time were governing out of fear that they would be labeled weak on national security. So it's easier for me to forgive a Republican who voted for the war because they thought it was the right thing to do than a Democrat who put aside their values to vote for a war that the whole world was trying to prevent.

So that's the reason I can't vote for her in the primary. I mean, I remember before Bush even took office seeing an ad for a TV special on Bush's "upcoming" war in Iraq. EVERYONE knew he was planning to invade Iraq.

Other than that, I'm sure she's eminently qualified & will make a decent president (although I think Obama has a better chance of beating a Republican in November).
A few things to keep in mind...and I say this by saying I hate CLinton ( no fan of Bill as well)

1. We where at the time trying to get the UN to grow a pair and really Push on Saddam to get in and get a good look at his suspected programs....Saddam only truly understands power, so if we show any weakness in going after them, its a wast of time. The Vote gave some show of the US being United and ready to do this, and did I belive help get the inspectors back in , and doing there jobs as we needed....That Bush Decided again that they where not finding anything but we should go to war anyway was his choice.

2. Bush went to war in Violation of at least the intent of the Bill...if not the exact meaning in the Bill. The vote did call for some conditions to be meet. They where not in fact meet, or at least where done in a shady way that was not consistent with the intent..

3. That said maybe she should have known better....But who knows... I was very iffy on the war, Believing he had WMD from the start and believing that less and less as Bush presented more "evidence" that I found lacking...or Lies....At the time I may have even voted for that Bill.....Then again have always had more issue with how Bush lied to get the war, and the poor planning of the war...then the idea we went to war against Saddam.