Confirmation hearing of Biden’s nominee for ambassador to China


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May 1, 2014
1. US President Joe Biden’s nominee for ambassador to China took a tough line toward the Asian giant at a confirmation hearing on Wednesday…..

Burns added, however, that he hoped the two powers could find common ground on climate change, global health and nuclear non-proliferation. He also underscored the importance of better direct communication so the US does not end up “being sleepwalkers into a conflict with China”.

The two-hour hearing underscored Washington’s tough bipartisan view toward China as senators from both parties voiced shared concern over China’s growing military, political, economic and even cultural footprint…..


2. In effect the US is ruled by the Republicans under the long shadow of Trump as the White House incumbent is being reduced to a “lame duck” president, as shown by the following examples:

(a) In July 2021, the Justice Department ordered Treasury to turn over the self-declared "Messiah" ex-president's tax returns to the House Ways and Means Committee, which first requested them more than two years ago. How many more years the House Ways and Means Committee has to wait for Trump's tax returns? To wait till the self-declared "Messiah" ex-president returns to the White House? It looks like Trump's tax returns will never see daylight and will remain forever as one of the greatest mysteries in US history.

(b) Up to now, the "Me First" ex-president is yet to be prosecuted for his role in inciting the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

(c) The criminal elements (at least 143) pardoned by the self-declared ex-president are still roaming freely in the country like wild beasts escaped from a zoo.

(d) Worst of all, one of the criminal elements is allowed to walk freely in the country after urging the "Me First" ex-president to execute a Myanmar-type coup in the US.

3. The above examples show that there is something very wrong with the US political and legal systems. In spite of being wary of “sleepwalking into a conflict with China”, Nicholas Burns seems ready to sleepwalk all his way to his new job in China with his contradicting stances towards that country. How can two groups of people find common ground when they are moving in different directions? The US seems to consider the Chinese as another species of Red Indians.

At his confirmation hearing, Nicholas Burns should have asked the Republican senators, particularly "lightweight choker" Marco Rubio: "Who is ruling the country now, all of you lightweight guys or my heavyweight boss? Why should such an able man like me go through long hours of grilling by jokers and clowns?"

4. During the upcoming virtual meeting, the White House incumbent has to prove himself a much tougher guy than Nicholas Burns by lecturing his Chinese counterpart like a teacher to a student, or a father to a son. Failing to accomplish that, the "Me First" ex-president and Republicans may ask him to give up his “crown” to his tough ambassador nominee. Then he will have to quit his "palace" to stay in the US Embassy in China.

If the “two-faced" Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde White House incumbent could change his face faster than a hypersonic missile, then his Chinese counterpart may find himself staring at the face of his own father or teacher on the giant screen in the midst of the virtual meeting. Such a surreal experience would not only jolt the Chinese leader out of his seat but also out of the window. :)

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