Do you keep a round chambered in your self-defense weapons?

He's just a troll. And a stupid one. Always wrong, but never uncertain. If you're hoping for a battle of wits, let me save you some time - he's the token retard at the Mensa meeting.
Actually I schooled you on proper gun safety actions which begins with not leaving guns loaded like the ***** that your mother was
People have litanies of reasons to do one or the other. My self-defense weapons all have a round chambered. If the fit hits the shan, it’s likely to occur unexpectedly. The fewer hoops I have to jump thru to get the job done, the better. But that’s just me. Your mileage may vary.

This query was triggered - pun intended - by a gun safety PSA I heard in the car today (paraphrasing from memory): "President Biden wants all Americans to be safe and secure. If you own guns, make sure they are unloaded and locked up separately from the ammunition..." At the end, POTUS weighs in with "This is Joe Biden. Jill and I want you and yours to stay safe. God bless."

Sorry, Brandon. I own a handful of guns. The ones I don't regularly use are unloaded and locked up; some of the ammo is in the gun locker with the guns. The self defense weapons are unlocked, accessible, & loaded with a round in the chamber.
Anti-2nd Amendment radicals loudly condemn Americans who own guns as if owning guns is contributing to evil. I remember the fiery posts of Carl Rowan who advocated that anyone caught with a gun in DC should go straight to jail without stopping to be due processed by courts. However, Carl was not talking about himself, of course, especially after he was arrested for shooting an unarmed black teenager in his backyard with an unregistered firearm. That is leftist hypocrisy at its zenith.

By Barbara Gamarekian, Special To the New York Times
  • July 30, 1988

Columnist Who Shot Trespasser To Face Gun Possession Charges​

A pair of pompous asses. Trump is LOSING. the real Trump could not dance like that for over 5 minutes.
It is nice that you have not killed anyone.
We know. Millions of demmie wooses love Biden and hate Trump with an unreasonable heated for all the wrong 'reasons.'
Sorry but I am a life long hunter started at age 9 with my grandfather hunting with a Ivery Johnson .28 gauge .
I carried a gun for a living for a number of years as I worked in a cash room and transported millions a year . I also was InCharge of security for a fortune 500 company and a public service officer for a school for over a decade. I have taught shooting classed to well over 1000 student of student . I also carried a gun concealed for decades and still do.
You seem to think all gun owners are idiots or criminals . Which is not the case 42 percent of America house holds have a gun in it .
Do you have a clue how many people in the usa have concealed carry permits . *.5 percent of the population several states have well over 1 million . Florida alone has 2.5 million permit holders.
Im guessing now you have had a negtive experience with a gun in some way Am I right?
Also guns do not kill people do think about that.
Lefties may be worried by gun possession due to personal experiences with leftist friends who they know have no business handling guns.