Donald and Rosie


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Aug 31, 2006
Did anyone happen to catch Rosie on the view bashing the Donald? I guess she was going on and on about him and now he says he is thinking about suing her. I think going so far as to sue her is a bit much. But at the same time Rosie lately doesn't seem to know when to shut up. Ever since she has been on the view it has only gotten worse.
This is just silly. Trump is threatening to sue her. "Waaahhhh, she hurted my feelin's. She called me names and made fun of my hair." Ok, maybe that isn't a direct quote. Sue me.
To be completely honest, nothing either one of them do would surprise me. As far as Rosie is concerned, I've always thought she was a little free with her mouth. She's never been one of my favorite people. And "the" Donald, unless he wants to share the wealth my direction, I'm not too interested in him, either.
Trump has filed for business bankruptcy on his properties before. This made it so he could keep his personal assets and didn't necessarily have to pay back his business debts. Now he is denying it althouguh I distinctly remember him openly discussing it. His first two mariages were broken up because of his infidelity. Rosie made a point when she mentioned hom judging other people's morals. She can go a bit far but, I agree with her. If I were him, instead of denying what everyone knows is true, I would admit it and I would try to use it to say that my failings make me a better judge of character and I would try to convince poeple that my errors were in the past and I would let it go at that point. I wouldn't have insulted her and made acccussations (which he clearly didn't research) and wouldnt' have threatened to sue and it probably would have gone away by now. But, maybe he likes the publicity. Rosie may come off as brash and rude but, he is dishonest and childish.
I think the whole thing is ridiculous on both their parts. But I do have to say that Rosie said that he filed a personal bankruptcy and that is not the case. When you file on a business or property that you own or co-own that is a very different story than your personal assests. And that is what Donald Trump is griping about. Now if he were to sue I would imagine any judge would just throw out the case just on the stupidity on both parts.
You'd think that people like Rosie and Donald would have better things to do with their time than to bicker with one another. I think they both need to get over it.
You'd think that people like Rosie and Donald would have better things to do with their time than to bicker with one another. I think they both need to get over it.

Word. Maybe it's because neither of these people interest me all that much. I've never really seen the reason for interest in Rosie or her opinions. But if she's trumpeting lies and half truths, it's appropriate to call her on it. If not, suck it up and move on.
In the end I can't help but wonder what Barbara Walters was thinking when she hired Rosie. She just seems like she is using the show as her own personal platform anymore. I know I don't watch it as much since she's been on.
Wow, sorry about the spelling errors in my last post. Anywho, it isn't so much the people that are of interest to me, it is the way they are acting. The situation is symbolic of the way our entire cutlre has become so thin-skinned and holier than thou.
Well, first of all, I just have to say I like Rosie. I'm glad someone is willing to speak their mind, without having to worry about being oh so kind to everyone.
I have about as much interest in the Donald vs Rosie thing as I had in the Donald vs Martha thing last year. When any of these folks decide to start paying my bills, then I will care who says what about whom. Until then, let them chew at each other all they want. I can just switch channels.
I cannot help but think it is funny. Here you have two grown adults, suppousdly, who have just about anything they could want but yet they feel the need to fight like children. How can they not see what jerks they are making of themselves is beyond me.