Faux News poll: Obama would be re-elected today..

You progs are so cute, its really adorable. How's that Hope & Change working out for you?

It's GREAT to have someone smart enough to form a coherent sentence, who cares about people and isn't TORTURING anyone... if that's what you mean.

You must be absolutely giddy about Obama having closed Gitmo... Oh, that's right, he didn't.

He is as we speak getting a prison in Illinois set to go. Here's the thing... BE AN AMERICAN FIRST & STOP OBSTRUCTING... things will move a lot faster that way.

Well certainly you're pleased with Obama ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanis... Oh wait, both are still raging on and Obama has even expanded the war in Afghanistan to its neighbor in Pakistan.

Again... Iraq winding down quickly, should have had our eye on the ball in Afghanistan for the last 8 years in the first place. If strikes to US interests are coming from Pakistan this President is going to take action. Damn good President.

Even so, you can rejoice that Obama has seen to it that his health care reform... Oh snap, it's toast.

Your side does every single thing in it's power to cause the American people to suffer, you do no work at all, but only obstruct... and you brag about it. :confused:


Didn't you hear? Palin will be taking over Becks show at 5pm... We can look forward to the Limbaugh/Beck 2012 ticket! :D

Not if Michael Savage has anything to say about it. For reals. I mean how do you address someone like him who clearly can't stand the two. I mean he has large audience and not to mention other conservatives would put in their two sense's on a Limbaugh/Beck Ticket.
I'm not so much concerned about personalities as I am locking into a winning message.

For Obama to be behind Huckabee, even after having his image stung for furloughing the guy who went on to kill the four cops is amazing.

Huck had zero do with that shooting and anyone with half a brain knows it. Any Dem or Liberal who wants to take issue on that , I will gladly give a slap down to.