Former Bush Press Secretary endorses Obama


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Sep 3, 2007
Washington state
That would be Scott McClellan..he saw close up the Republican lies and disastrous policies that were foisted upon the American people. He knows it's time for change.

Scott McClellan, President Bush's former press secretary, says he is backing Barack Obama for president.

McClellan made the endorsement during a taping of Comedian D.L. Hughley's new show that is premiering on CNN this weekend. The former Bush administration official said he wanted to support the candidate that has the best chance for changing the way Washington works and getting things done.

He's the second former Bush administration figure this week to publicly back Obama, following former Secretary of State Colin Powell. McClellan caused bitterness among his former co-workers with a tell-all book that criticized Bush.
He also knows that the blind stooges that defended all of Bush's blunders have nominated a loser as their token candidate.
McClellan is a former disgruntled Bush employee - a coward who never spoke up about his doubts when he was press secretary. His book contains no previously unknown substantive facts or relevations, and certainly DID NOT prove the eternal appeaser mantra "Bush lied" - prove me wrong here Poop-I (don't hold your breath waiting, folks :D). McClellan is simply a person who wanted to cash in on his previous association, with a disloyal book, most of whose content was jiggered by it's lib media publisher.