Fox tries to make McCain look younger

Back in the mid eighties I owned two autobody shops. My suggestion to FIXED NEWS now that the tactic of "let's post pics & video of the guy 8 years ago because now he looks kinda like death warmed over" has been outed, is this.

First a good drain on the swelling before every appearance. The fluid build up due to the fact he's had over 20 glands removed in his head & neck with repeated cancer surgeries makes him look odd & lopsided with kinda a Dick Cheney or The Penguin's sort of grin.

Secondly use a high quality Bondo filler over the massive scar areas down the left side of his face followed by spot putty, a good sealer/primer and then some flesh tone airbrush work.

Actually most of this is already being done with heavy stage cover-up (like what they cover tattoos up with) and then stage make up. Plus you'll notice his handlers ALWAYS try to work him around the room in the direction that photographers usually can only get right side head shots.

Hey... you do what you can when someone has been that sick and is that old. I don't blame 'em.