Iraq: The two state solution


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May 28, 2007
Considering the current situation on the ground in Iraq. Plus the exsistance of unwanted populations of Kurds in Iran and Turkey. The historic persecution of the Kurds in the region. I think the best step forward at this point for the ME is for the Kurds to be finally granted thier Independance.

The area in Kurdistan is relatively peaceful and the Kurds have generally welcomed the American presence. They still opened thier arms to America after the US totally burned the Kurds in 91. Now we are forcing them to be dragged along in the Iraqi government full of infighting and not getting much done.

The land would consist of the current Kurdish Autonomous region. It would be in a position to actually prosper. The oil wealth there is considerable. All displaced and persecuted Kurds and whatever other people wanted to live there could through immigration processes.

The Turks and the Iranians, would lose no geographic land. I would imagine they would largely be glad to get rid of the Kurds, as long as it doesnt come at a cost to them. The Kurds have been involved in skirmishs with the Turks recently and it could be the next time bomb in the region. If the Kurds have thier home, they have no reason to continue thier insurgency.

The Kurds, have always desired a homeland. They have done thier side of the deal in concern to embracing American efforts. Why arent we rewarding good behavior towards American efforts instead of trying to baby the rest of Iraq into getting along, at the expense of the Kurds. Who have been peaceful and set to prosper. Potentially the beacon of hope that was originally intended for all of Iraq.

There is little doubt in my mind that a large motivating factor for the decision to invade Iraq from George W. Bush was largely a personal thing. His dad long took criticism from the right wing about not going to Baghdad in 91. Saddam apparenly had efforts to assasinate Bush41. The oil just buttered the bread.

I truly think this could be a solution to many problems in the region. It wont solve them all, but a long standing conflict and constant flashpoint of ethnic violence in the future could be fixed.
In Kurdistan there could be actual peace, and actual prosperity.