Jew Liberman want more American blood for Israel

Ill add my thanks to berreal for posting something that appears not anger driven and might be based on some facts.
But Berreal, the Dems have the majority in congress. They dont have the veto override which is 2/3 in both bodies. This was evident recently with the veto threat over childrens health case. They dont have the votes for an override. Your anger is directed at the wrong people.
Not enough Republicans have waken up to reality in Iraq, speak out against the likes of my home state senators, Stevens and Murkowski who have been frustratingly lockstep with Bush, there are others, but those are the people holding up the withdrawal.
Thats true .... but read my post again! I would have no problem if democrats kept sending back the same dam bill to bush and congress to sign on to for another year!!

I understand it.... the American people understand ...its all they can do ...thats what having a back-bone is all about!!

Bush and congress would have had to bow when the troops and the American people start to complain!!
Instead ...they sign on for another 5 to 10 years in Iraq ....go figure!!

The American people wanted the war to end ..they didn't want democrats to make symbolic statements!!

Is ending the war the right thing to do? Then do it ...and forget about getting re-elected ..thats what having a spine is all about!!

Instead, look at what the weak ...spineless curs are doing ...signing up against newspaper ad ...while John McCain and republicans acuse them of surrendering ..despite their allowing bush to get all that he asked for!!

They are a joke!!

So ....they are not stopping the war ...bush gets all he has asked for from them... and they still get tagged as a weak surrendering bunch!!

This is worse than when republicans had total control...because then you could understand.

What the weak spineless curs want for the republicans to take responsibility for ending the war ..while they hide behind them in case something goes wrong!! Do you want those people ...running the country?

Look, I'm not an illegal alien ...and illegal aliens are just about the only group democrats has made any kind of resolve to please!

I need that agenda like I need a hole in my head if they are not going to end the war ...WHAT GOOD ARE THEY??? :mad: