John Kerry's Statement


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Nov 2, 2006
What do the people hear think about John Kerry's recent statement regarding the war in Iraq? He basically said that college students should do well or they may be "stuck in Iraq." I think he *might* have a valid point (I feel like the troops are "stuck" there), but his timing and wording are horrible! It sounds like he is putting down the troops already over in Iraq. He should be more careful about what he says, especially around election time.
I agree with him. Making a big deal out of it is silly, another Republican tactic to try to draw attention away from the real issues that should have voters out:

The war in Iraq and the and bad economy, for starters.
I think the republicans used it for all it was worth. Its obvious they have alot of power and all those bought off companies were helping out by using the media to make it look like a big deal.
So what!
Ive heard far worse out of some of the politicians out there not to mention the sex scandal's cause these guys cant keep their minds on the WORK they are PAID to do. Its all about the perks and deals they have behind the scenes.

p.s. this might be a double post since i replied without logging in lol.
I loved the whole fracas since I loathe Kerry so much. If it was, indeed, a botched joke, he should get better writers for himself. What was even funnier was NBC showing on the nightly news how Don Imus went down Kerry's throat for screwing up. It's all getting way too 'inside media'.
I don't know if he meant it the way it came out. But did you happen to see the woman standing behind him when he said it. The look on her face was priceless. If you get to see a clip check her out. As for what he said don't these politicians have someone look over their speeches before the actually give them? I am beginning to think they don't.
I think he meant it like "study and do well in school, or else you'll end up like our president stuck in iraq" but he left out the word president assuming people would imply the relationship he meant. Unfortunately for him it didn't come out right and people assumed he was implying that people who sign up for the military are stupid. I'm kindof amazed it got the mileage it did, but then again this is American politics and nothing flies quite like a sound bite.
I agree that it sounded terrible but being a veteran himself, I doubt he meant to criticize the troops. We should concentrate on getting back on track in this country. Let it go.
They all say innapropriate things. In fact, so do all of us. Bush is raked over the coals when he says something stupid, too. I think we should just let it go.
Regardless of what he said, I will still never vote for him. The last election I couldn't really vote either. Since I did not want Bush or Kerry running the country, I voted for myself in a write in.
I tend not to pay any attention to what Politicians say these days. They're all the same, jsut different titles, and slightly different views. They're here to get votes, get in office, and do the opposite of what they say.
Boy Furious George, and I thought I was cyincal. ;) I agree that most politicians do one thing while trying to get elected, and then do something entirely different when the get into office, but sometimes you do HAVE to listen to what they say, just to have something to laught at!