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Jan 4, 2008
Why is Affirmative Action (racism) a good thing, Isn't racism, racism?

Why should Anglo and Asian males suffer from discrimination(racism) in college admissions?

With any form of racism there is always a victim. Why is racism acceptable, when the victim is either a Anglo or Asian male?

Regardless of the one's gender or color, why should one accept racism toward them?

Why not have a merit based society?

Why is Anglo male labeled a racist, for wanting true equality, just as all other's expect?

Is the attempt to justify Affirmative Action, racism?

Who is really the 21st century racist?

Who was really Involved in slave trading, Was it the Aristocrat or the common man?

The aristocrat families are still above the grip of Affirmative Action(racism), so the common Anglo male is paying for the aristocrats actions of the past. Are the real perpetrator's avoiding justice?

Are the aristocrat's currently involved in slave labor in the third world?
De ja vu? I think so. Thread locked, theres another one just like this you started.
Not open for further replies.