Karl Rove! COME ON DOWN!!!!!

Gotta wonder if Rove's recent divorce from his wife was to protect some assets that might be expected to be lost to defense attorneys in the near future?

Just a thought..
Yeah, did you see Gen. Colin Powells senior aide declare last night on TV that Cheneyco. including Rove got together and met to scheme how they would lie to Congress in order to get the funds and authorization to invade Iraq for oil? Aide to Powell Col. Lawrence Wilkenson in grim composure admitted that they lied to justify invading Iraq.

Cue up to 4:44 for his interview but do watch the whole thing.
Maybe he does understand how the Constitution works, however it appears that you do not. Congress has no authority to put anyone in jail, or hold criminal proceedings for anyone. (The absolute most they can do is hold him in inherent contempt, which cannot extend punishment past their own session. This has not been used in decades)

If they hold Rove in contempt of Congress, which is highly doubtful, then it will be kicked to the US Attorney... an Executive appointment, under the authority of the President. Given this, yes, it does matter what Obama has to say on the matter, and he says let it go.

....to Tom Brokaw, for a PUBLIC BUTT-WHUPPIN'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"If he has any reporter left in him at all, on Sunday he has a chance to do some old-fashioned, journalistic public service flogging. He has been handed on a platter of the finest Sterling the opportunity to do what none of us out here in the cold, bloggy world will ever even come close to getting a shot at: demanding answers from Karl Rove face-to-face. To act as an advocate on behalf of the public's right to know. To honorably "afflict the comfortable" and restore a small portion of the trust which the Fourth Estate has spend the last few decades frittering away so easily and cheaply; an cynical erosion of one of the most critical, load-bearing pillars of democracy that reached its nadir during the Age of Bush."



"...But <sniff><sniff> I'M Karl ROVE!"
If he ain't LYIN', he ain't KARL ROVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"NBC was the latest stop on Karl Rove's book tour for 'Courage and Consequence.' Revising history has been his main focus recently, and this morning's interview with Tom Brokaw focused on Iraqi oil revenue$.

Addressing a Congressional panel, former Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz claimed that Iraqi oil revenue$ would help pay for reconstruction of the country. Sunday, Karl Rove denied the Bush administration ever made that claim."