Major winter storm wallops Northeast Wheres the media on Al Gore?


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Jun 13, 2007
Way Down South
NEW YORK (Reuters) – The second major snow storm of the winter blanketed the Northeast and canceled thousands of flights Wednesday, battering parts of New England with nearly two feet of snow.

The National Weather Service reported snow on the ground in 49 of the 50 states -- only Florida was spared -- and much of the South was still battling icy conditions that made roads dangerous and led to several traffic deaths.

Thunder and lightning struck Boston and the New England states. Between 12 and 14 inches fell in the Boston area, and meteorologists reported 22 inches of snow on the ground in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

"A snow storm will continue to bury New England today with fierce blizzard conditions toward the coast, creating nightmares for travelers and residents," Accuweather senior meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski said.

Financial markets operated normally, though volume on the New York Stock Exchange was slightly below average. Some Wall Street workers stayed in hotels overnight as a precaution.

Why isnt the Media getting tough on Al Gore? But oh yeah the Media rather blames George Bush for our economic problems,,But when it comes a a liberal forcing his opinons on people on global warming not one word from CNN,MSNBC,CBS,ABC or NBC. Now you wonder why MSNBC is dying? Theyre not Fair N Balanced like Fox News is. I want Fox News start blaming that hypocrisy liberal Al Gore When his Electic bills are 10x higher than average americans and Al Gore takes private jets what also hurts the evoinment. When liberals pratice what they preach like riding Bicycles to work Put up Solar Panels on their homes and taking an airline to europe then we might take them seroiusly.
This, like every other event, or no event at all, is just more proof of global warming. :D