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Here is what Wiki reported:

LAPA Flight 3142 - Wikipedia
LAPA Flight 3142

LAPA Flight 3142 was a scheduled Buenos AiresCórdoba flight operated by the Argentine airline Líneas Aéreas Privadas Argentinas.[1] The flight was operated with a Boeing 737-204C, registration LV-WRZ,[1] that crashed on 31 August 1999 at 20:54 local time while attempting to take off from Aeroparque Jorge Newbery and failing to get airborne. The crash resulted in 65 fatalities — 63 of the occupants of the aircraft and two on the ground — as well as injuries, some serious, to at least a further 34 people.[2] It remains, as of 2022, the second deadliest aviation incident to occur in Argentina, behind Aerolíneas Argentinas Flight 644 38 years prior.[3]

As the aircraft started its takeoff run, the take-off warning system (TOWS) sounded an alarm in the cockpit, indicating that the aircraft was not correctly configured for the maneuver. The crew ignored the warning and continued the takeoff, not realising that the flaps were not at the required take-off position and were instead fully retracted, thus preventing the aircraft from lifting off. The jet overshot the runway, breaking through the airport's perimeter fence, crossed a road, hitting an automobile in the process, and finally collided with road construction machinery and a highway median. Fuel spilling over the hot engines and gas leaking from a damaged gas regulation station resulted in a fire that destroyed the aircraft.

The Junta de Investigaciones de Accidentes de Aviación Civil (JIAAC) determined that the pilots failed to configure the aircraft correctly for take-off.

During their first four minutes on board, the captain, the co-pilot and the commissioner talked about trivial matters in good spirits, focusing on the commissioner's personal issues. When the commissioner left the cockpit, the conversation changed tone and matter as they discussed a controversial situation about their relationship. The captain said, after a reproach from the co-pilot, that he was "going through bad times," to which the copilot replied that he was also having a bad day.

Without interrupting the conversation and as part of it, the reading of the Procedures Control List (PCL) for the aircraft started, mixed with the personal issues that worried them and that led them to misread the procedure checklist.

This confusing situation, in which the PCL was interspersed with conversation irrelevant to the crew's task, persisted during "push back," engine start and taxiing, up to the moment of take-off, which was delayed by other aircraft waiting ahead of the LAPA flight and heavy arriving traffic.

During this final wait, the three men were smoking in the cockpit and their conversation could be of dubious interpretation.

JIAAC investigation[edit]
The Junta de Investigaciones de Accidentes de Aviación Civil investigation report was only one of the documents taken into account in the judicial investigation though it was criticized for focusing solely on blaming the pilots directly.

The main finding within the remains of the plane was that all of the examined flaps' worm gear operators were in the unwound position indicating that the flaps were not deployed. This tallies with the flap command in the cockpit that was also in the no-flaps position, that the readings at the FDR indicate they were retracted, and that the flap lights were off indicating that they were not activated.

The alarm sound recorded by the CVR indicated that there was a problem with the departure configurations. The recording showed that at the time of departure the flaps were not in the correct position for lift-off.


According to the investigative commission, the immediate cause of the accident was "that the flight crew of LAPA flight 3142 forgot to extend the wing flaps to initiate take-off, and ignored the alarm that advised them of the error in configuration for take-off."

Contributing factors[edit]

The report of the JIAAC cites the following factors as contributing to the accident:

Lack of crew discipline, who did not make the logical reaction of aborting take-off and checking for errors when the alarm sounded as the engines started and as it continued to sound until the take-off attempt.

Excess conversations irrelevant to the flight and moments of significant emotional intensity between the pilots that were mixed with the reading of the flight checklist resulting in the omission of the part of the procedures where flaps for take-off are to be extended.

Personal, family, or economic problems or other issues of both pilots that interfered with their operational manner.

Insufficient psychological screening, resulting in the inability to detect when the pilots were suffering from personal problems that influenced their ability as pilots.

Knowledge and discussion of very personal and non-work-related affairs among the pilots and with the flight crew that fostered an atmosphere lacking in the necessary focus and concentration for operational tasks.

Aggravation of the captain's previous negative in-flight behaviour by his personal situation and interactions within the cockpit before and during the emergency.

Previous negative flight characteristics of the first officer that manifested themselves during the reading of the list of control procedures, all occurring in a cockpit whose occupants had their attention on personal issues unrelated to the flight.

Lack of immediate recognition or corroboration by the pilots of the relationship between the type of audible alarm and the improper take-off configuration, and the failure to employ the flaps correctly for take-off.

The accident was covered in the 9th episode of the 17th season of Mayday also known as Air Crash Investigation, Air Emergency, and Air Disasters. The episode is titled "Deadly Discussions".[35][36]
Here is what Wiki reported:

LAPA Flight 3142 - Wikipedia
LAPA Flight 3142

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"As of November 2023, the Boeing 737 family has been involved in 529 aviation accidents and incidents, including 215 hull loss accidents out of 234 hull-losses, resulting in a total of 5,779 fatalities.

As a result of the NTSB's findings, the Federal Aviation Administration ordered that the rudder servo valves be replaced on all 737s and mandated new training protocols for pilots to handle an unexpected movement of control surfaces."

"Just ahead of the crossover deadline for the 2024 legislative session, members of both chambers of the Virginia legislature approved competing measures to legalize and regulate the retail sale of cannabis to adults 21 and older.

Both bills
initiate retail adult-use cannabis sales on January 1, 2025, Delegate Paul Krizek’s HB698 proposes a tax rate of nine percent in lieu of any state or local retail sales tax, whereas Senator Aaron Rouse’s SB448 imposes a 16 percent tax in addition to any state and local sales taxes."

"Hundreds of pages of recently released documents provided by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) affirm what the overwhelming majority of the public has known for decades:

Marijuana possesses therapeutic efficacy and its harms are not on par with those of heroin, or even alcohol."
"From the mid-1920s until 2017, cannabis was illegal in Africa at a continental scale. Colonial powers imposed legal restrictions on indigenous peoples despite those peoples’ extensive use of the plant for healing and other purposes. Over time, as African countries gained independence, their governments maintained and even doubled down on prohibiting cannabis. Why they did that then is intensely complex; why they’re undoing it now (in part) is comparatively more straightforward.

Head researched the momentum that the
cannabis legalization movement is generating across Africa. We discovered intriguing circumstances surrounding the legalization movements in nine countries: Eswatini (formerly Swaziland), Ghana, Lesotho, Malawi, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. South Africa’s first step toward legalizing cannabis was driven by civil rights, but all nine countries seem to be motivated foremost by money."

"The first license for a cannabis consumption lounge in Nevada has been issued to a business in Las Vegas.
The long-awaited approval from the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) went to
Smoke and Mirrors, Las Vegas TV station KTNV reported."

July 9, 2023

June 18, 2024

Marijuana Death Statistics: Market Report & Data​

  • Last Updated: December 20, 2023

Written & Summarized by: Jannik Lindner

Highlights: The Most Important Marijuana Death Statistics

  • From 1999 to 2017, there's been an increasing trend of marijuana-related poison center exposures with 222 deaths recorded.
  • In 2017, over 95% of marijuana-related deaths in the US involved at least one other drug.
  • Marijuana alone is not typically associated with fatal overdoses; however, 29% of those killed in drugged driving crashes had marijuana in their system in 2010.
  • Medical marijuana laws reduced deaths from pharmaceutical opioids, with a recorded 34.7% fewer deaths in 2014.
  • Marijuana use is a significant cause of non-fatal work-related injuries, with 55% more industrial incidents and 85% more injuries.
  • Deaths resulting from combined alcohol and marijuana use are higher than those resulting from marijuana use alone.
  • As of 2020, no death from overdose of marijuana has been reported.
  • Of 1150 fatalities in 2015 in Australia, 4% were cannabis-related.
  • In 2017 in the U.S., synthetic Cannabinoids were linked to 30 deaths.
  • Every 1 in 10 marijuana users will become addicted, increasing the risk of death.
  • Cannabis attributed deaths are lower among women than men.
  • Fatal accidents are 4.8 times more likely to occur 1 hour after marijuana use.
  • More than half of teenagers in drug treatment programs are there because of marijuana.

My state was the second behind California to legalize marijuana for medical use.

My state was tied with Colorado to be the first state to legalize marijuana for recreational use.

The black market for marijuana has collapsed here.

Studies show that states that allow legal medical marijuana have lower rates of heroin and fentanyl.

Marijuana was made a schedule one drug by nixon so he could have protesters at the White House arrested and removed.

America has been suffering from nixon's selfish move for literally decades.
No but it might explain your problems

Your posts are ridiculous.

Meanwhile marijuana helped save my life from breast cancer. I had to be on the highest does of a pill form of chemo for 7 years. It was one of the ones that most can't tolerate but because all the others caused heart filberlations I couldn't take the other chemos. I get anaphylactic reactions from bee stings and any natural mold that has the same components as penicillin, if I had a reaction on one of the other chemo, I would have died. There was only one I could take safely but it was the worst with side effects.

I couldn't keep anything down. Even water. I was vomiting in my sleep. It got so bad that I got so small a junior size zero was too big on me.

My primary care doctor and my oncologist told me to start smoking marijuana to be able to keep food in me.

I wouldn't have been able to take the chemo without medical marijuana. I would have died of breast cancer.

I was in a near death accident with monster 15ft waves. I was lucky, it put me in a coma instead of killing me. I went into the coma in the aid car. The man who pulled me from the water was shocked to find me alive. My arms and hands were paralyzed when I was pulled from the water. Doctors didn't think I would live through the night. I did then they didn't think I would wake from the coma. I did and spent 3.5 years in recovery. The doctor in the hospital in Maui wanted me to be on oxycontin. I knew what that was and refused it. The doctor argued with me about it for a while. I told the doctor that I had enough to overcome and didn't need a heroin addiction on top of it. The doctor was right about the pain killer I requested. It didn't do anything to kill the pain. I chose the pain over a heroin addiction. I didn't know what Lyrica was, it was new at the time, so I didn't know it was another form of heroin. At the very low level but still heroin. I took the Lyrica not knowing what it was until I got back to the mainland and my neurologist told me what it was. By then I was addicted to it. I was on 300 mg a day and higher than a kite. I was afraid to drive my car, I was that high. I kept telling my neurologist I wanted off of it but she didn't want me to get off of it.

I was put on it in July, in October I got the side effect of suicidal thoughts. I woke one night in pain, as usual, thinking the most normal, rational and right thing would be to go into my kitchen, get a knife and kill myself. That wasn't usual and had never happened. I then remembered what my sister said about bleeding to death, she is a doctor, she said that it's painful to die bleeding to death. I was in enough pain and didn't want to cause more. So I walked down the hall to my office to actually think about and plan my own death. I still smoked cigarettes at the time so I smoked one while I was thinking about killing myself. About two thirds through that cigarette, the drug fog in my head lifted and I realized it was the drug causing me to believe I should kill myself. A cigarette saved my life that night. I vowed that night to get off the Lyrica.

It was marijuana that allowed me to get off that horrible drug. I first went cold turkey and got full blown heroin withdrawals. I finally understood what addicts went through with withdrawals. I experienced it. My doctor told me if I wanted to get off of it to get help to do it. I didn't want my doctor to know I stopped taking it so I did it all on my own. I decreased the drug a little at a time so I wouldn't get the withdrawals. I started in October. It wasn't until March 1 of the next year that I had decreased it enough that I was finally able to not take any of it.

When I got off of it, the pain in my hands and arms got so much better. The drug caused swelling in hands and it made the pain much worse. Once the swelling was gone, my hands and arms got so much better. The marijuana worked faster and better to stop the nerve damage pain. Something in marijuana dulls the neurons in nerves which decreased the pain a lot to the point that I can live with it.

The bottom line, marijuana helped save my life from breast cancer and helped me get off a form of heroin.

There is so much good in that drug that your stupid posts are just that. STUPID. If you don't like marijuana, don't use it. it's as simple as that but stop with the BS. It's a drug that when used properly can be very helpful for a lot of people.
Odd how you dont mention the cartels and how many are killed by thier violence and greed every year?

There are no marijuana cartels in my state. It's highly regulated. Legal marijuana has put the black market out of business here in my state.

All a person has to do is walk to the corner store and buy it. No cartel involved.

Stop with the lies.
My state was the second behind California to legalize marijuana for medical use.

My state was tied with Colorado to be the first state to legalize marijuana for recreational use.

The black market for marijuana has collapsed here.

Studies show that states that allow legal medical marijuana have lower rates of heroin and fentanyl.

Marijuana was made a schedule one drug by nixon so he could have protesters at the White House arrested and removed.

America has been suffering from nixon's selfish move for literally decades.
Legalizing weed does not make weed harmless and does not undo the damage caused by people who cause accidents while under its influence.