NFL Draft


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Mar 29, 2007
What was Miami thinking? Ted Ginn Jr. at the #9 pick? How retarded is their general manager? I want to punch a dolphin right now. Brady Quinn is still undrafted after 13 picks. Its a travesty. The only thing I'm happy about so far is seeing Patrick Willis go as high as #11.
Cleveland had a great draft, Chicago did well until they traded their second round pick for a higher second round pick, what the hell is that?
I don't even understand how the whole system works. Anyone care to explain?

The team with the worst record from the previous year gets the first pick in the draft for college players that want to go pro, second worst team gets second pick and so on. The team can trade their pick to other teams for players or other picks. This goes on for 7 rounds. Theres a whole system of compensatory picks which I don't really understand either.
I'm a huge New Orleans fan (have been even through their dark years) and this draft was pretty mediocre. Robert Meachem will be a good weapon for Drew Brees, but they needed a good tight end, and didnt even draft at that position. Antonio Pittman is a good RB, but I don't understand why New Orleans drafted him. Cleveland had a great draft, and I think Oakland fans will have something to be excited about next year. They got a great QB and I think Michael Bush was the steal of the draft for them in the 4th round.
Ah, you're a Saints fan.

Have you seen the footage of Reggie Bush getting pegged?

Which footage? The biggest hit I saw him take was at training camp last year when he got spun around in the air and came down on his head, but nothing really rescent.
Oh yeah, I had forgot about that one.

On a side note, I can't believe that no NFL team is willing to draft Chris Leak simply because of his size. All the guy did was lead his team to a national championship and outperform the Heisman winner on a national stage.