North Korea to de-nuke


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Nov 1, 2006
According to what I've seen on tv, North Korea has agreed to a plan to denuclearize. Do you think they'll actually go through with it? Or do you think it's just a ruse?
They did it before under Clinton back before we broke off direct ties. They'll probably do it again, for awhile. Ultimately they have a strong driver to have nukes just like every country with enemies. We'll likely have to continue buying them off if we want them to continue to not developing them.
I agree with you that we will have to keep giving them something so that they stick to any agreement that they sign. I guess we will see if they stick to it.
I will believe it when it is a done deal. Based on the past, I simply am leery that they will follow through, although I have no doubt they will begin the process. They have gotten that far before, and then circumstances have come along that they felt were reason enough to reverse the decision.
I think that they are doing it only to appease everyone. After a certain period of time, I'm willing to be that they'll go back to nuke development.
I heard last night that they basically agreed to do the same thing that two other presidents in the past had put on the table. Wonder what made them accept it this time? Not that I think that they will abide by anything that they sign.
What did they agree to, exactly? Other than de-nuking, I mean. Is the offer really the same?
We will know really quick if they plan to de-nuke or not. The deal includes full access for UN inspections. I hope for the best, but don’t hold my breath either.
I'm wondering if they do allow full UN inspections, are they going to hide their projects like Iran did?
I would expect them to. I am not really thrilled about this development, but I still hope it works.