Should The U.S Attack North Korea?


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Jul 3, 2006
With all the atrocities North Korea has committed, do you think we should go in and remove Kim Jung-Il?
At this time, no. I honestly don't think we'd have enough military support to do so. Aren't we already stretched pretty thin?
I would have to agree that this is no time to be starting something else. I would really just keep an eye on North Korea and just go from there.
Ok, let's rephrase the question then. If the U.S wasn't in Iraq, would military action be appropriate against North Korea?
No. The potential for a disaster involving us and China is too great. The country has weapons, we have defenses against those weapons, and we can handily beat them in an arms race should they choose to go that route. Let the guy feel safe with his one missile, eventually he'll get old, slip on a banana, eat some bad chicken, etc and die. The next guy will be more sane.

Per your other thread, I would support assassinating him if we could do it reliably/covertly. Having a more stable person at the head of North Korea would be a good thing.
Lets let China take care of North Korea. It's their neighborhood so let them have a crack at solving the problems. Hopefully, some diplomacy can point the Chinese in that direction.
I'm not sure "diplomacy" and either North Korea or China are together any place except in the dictionary. I don't think diplomacy will work where they're concerned.