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NUMBERSUSA.com: Countering Propaganda of Koch Bros and Pete Buttigieg

Discussion in 'U.S. Politics' started by Stiffy, Apr 27, 2019.

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    Apr 9, 2019
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    Here you can learn the Hard Core Facts on the Damage your Traitor Officials have done to Forgotten American True Bloods with 3rd world Immigrant/Migrant Fucking scumbags both Legal and Illegal.

    The Stats,
    The Math,
    The Sum Total Destruction end result NEVER LIES !

    Get Pissed off
    Get MAD
    Get EVEN
    Get this data in front of everyone you know, and your local scumbag officials aiding n abetting.


    Countering the propaganda of the Koch Brothers and candidates like Pete Buttigieg

    Media-darling Presidential candidate claims to CNN audience that America depends on illegal aliens, while the Koch Brothers try to persuade Trump we must have more legal immigrants.

    NumbersUSA sets the record straight.

    Dear Forgotten Patriot,

    The current media-darling Democratic presidential candidate is Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana. He's supposed to be the "reasonable," "red-state American," "fiscally moderate" candidate. But he's going around telling people that Americans are living off of the taxes of illegal aliens! See below for information to rebut this outrageous claim.

    Meanwhile, the Koch brothers are working hard to convince the Trump administration that more immigration is necessary to keep the economy from faltering. Their people are helping White House staff write what supposedly will be Pres. Trump's immigration proposal for this Congress.

    Americans need someone to lay down the facts to prevent a disaster from Washington.

    That's what we do. We set the record straight every week with a robust media program in which our trained staff appear on radio shows, are quoted by the news media, and along with you our members write op-eds and letters to the editor in publications across America. We also set the record straight by providing pre-written messages that you can send to Members of Congress to correct immigration information they may be getting from elsewhere or that they themselves may be putting out.

    We're thankful for your activism, and we're committed to keeping our services free, since every fax, e-mail or phone call helps our cause. At the same time, we need people to help pay to keep us going.

    Please spread the word...

    "Undocumented immigrants are taxpayers. And the truth is, in many respects, because they are not eligible for a lot of benefits, they are subsidizing the rest of us. Which is just one more reason we've got to get this sorted out."

    Not correct, Mayor Buttigieg. Illegal aliens receive $135 billion in taxpayer benefits, but only pay $19 billion in taxes, as columnist Kristen Tate reported in the Congress-focused newspaper, The Hill. That's a net cost to taxpayers of $116 billion per year. That's more than the cost of Pres. Trump's tax cuts! Put another way, for every dollar they pay in taxes, illegal aliens get seven dollars back in taxpayer benefits. And they'll get much more if they become legalized through another amnesty.

    The $116 billion in net costs to taxpayers only covers illegal immigration. This doesn't include the cost of previously amnestied immigrants and the relatives qualified through them, visa lottery winners, workers with visas for low-skilled fields like agriculture and seasonal work, or the children born of such immigrants.

    America spends about a trillion dollars each year on means-tested social welfare programs. That includes food stamps, reduced school lunches, subsidized housing, cash payments, etc. That doesn't even include health care or social security....

    There are 45 million working-age Americans who aren't working.

    How many of them would be working if we hadn't brought in the 44 million immigrants (legal and illegal) now living in the U.S.?

    How much of that trillion dollars could we save if wages weren't so low in so many job fields that working adults still qualified for federal assistance?

    And what about Social Security?
    Some people continue to claim that massive immigration can prevent Social Security from going bankrupt... but low-income workers will receive more from Social Security than they pay into it.

    $150 billion is sent straight overseas in the form of remittances. That's money that does not circulate in our own country. And the $150 billion is as much as the entire trade deficit with every nation on Earth except China. For all that money, we're not getting cars, or washing machines, or beef. It's simply money lost.

    And these are the costs while the economy is doing better than anyone expected it would! What will the costs be when the next recession hits? Another housing crisis? Tens of millions more people on government assistance?

    What can we do?

    Mandate E-Verify.
    Any attempts at reducing illegal immigration will be only partly successful as long as the prospect of taking American jobs and benefits lure illegal immigrants.

    End chain migration.
    We can't even begin to think of amnesties while every immigrant who receives an amnesty can bring their extended family. Chain migration magnifies the impact of amnesties and other forms of legal immigration, with no economic benefit.

    End the visa lottery.

    Reform or end H-1B visas.
    Replacing our own high-skilled workers with foreign laborers unfairly cuts wages and saps our national capabilities in research and technology.

    How do we do it?

    Educating Congress.
    Our Capitol Hill team researches proposed legislation, and assesses its impact on the numbers of immigrants, sharing our findings with legislators directly and through our members.

    Using social media.
    Voters are becoming far more aware of the impact of legal immigration because a billion people have seen our Facebook posts, and 150 million have watched our famous "gumball" videos.

    Grassroots direct advocacy.
    Our members send millions of faxes, e-mails and phone calls to Congress. We target their own elected officials, so the messages get read and listened to. And we arm our members with the facts they need to send the right message to the right elected officials at the right time.

    Correcting the media.
    Our staff and volunteers write to newspapers, appear on talk shows and get interviewed by journalists to counter a steady stream of misinformation from open-borders foundations and corporations.

    All this takes money. Not a lot; only a tiny amount compared to the billions our opponents are preparing to spend. But we need help.

    President Trump's election was not itself a victory on immigration, only an opportunity for victory. So far, that opportunity has been stymied by courts, Washington insiders, and political distractions. But we're winning the argument. And when we win that, we will win in Congress.

    Please share this with everyone you know.

    Thank you in advance for anything you can do in this fight.


    Dan Marsh
    Information Systems

    P. S. Want to send me your feedback? I'm glad to hear from you at immigrationinfo@numbersusa.com.

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